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Aquila 42U Nylgut High G Banjo Ukulele Strings

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Item Description

Aquila Banjo Uke High G New NylgutŪ

Until the mid-20th century all the Ukulele strings strings were made in gut, a material that had been used for thousand of years and that combines good promptness of attack and excellent performances . A fundamental aim of our research has therefore been to design a new synthetic product having the same acoustic properties as gut, but without its typical defects (high cost, short lifetime, high instability under moisture changes). Our New nylgutŪ has precisely all these good qualities without all these defects.

Its features include promptness of attack, excellent performances and a truly remarkable stability of intonation under moisture changes.


BANJO UKE GCEA Banjo Uke Set High G 42U New NylgutŪ


Aquila 42U Nylgut High G Banjo Ukulele Strings

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