Wegen Gypsy Jazz Guitar Pick 3.5 mm

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For the unique Gypsy Jazz guitar player, find the right picks for you at Strings and Beyond. These picks are among the best in the world for this genre of guitar-playing. With material that sounds very similar to tortoise, it actually lasts much longer. With a curved and beveled tip and long length, this pick is designed for right-handed players, no matter the size of your hand. Both sides have grip grooves, but the thumb side has concaved grooves, allowing for extra comfort.

Choose from three types of these picks — Wegen Fatone 5mm Guitar Pick, Wegen Guitar Pick 2.5 millimeter, which comes in a set of two picks, or the Wegen Trimus Guitar Pick. Also choose your color choice of black or white. Spruce up your Gypsy Jazz guitar playing and order your Wegen Gypsy Jazz Guitar picks or choose from our wide selection of guitar picks and other guitar accessories from Strings and Beyond today.