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Thomastik-Infeld JF324H Flat Wound Electric Electric Bass Strings Short Scale Hofner Beatle Bass 43-96

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Item Description

Drawing from the upright bass, Thomastik-Infeld JF324H Flat Wound Short Scale HOFNER Bass Guitar Strings have a legendary sound that is all their own.

"The outer winding is a true ribbon flatwound constructed of a special nickel alloy. The result is an incredible depth of tone and an enhanced fundamental which is unavailable from any other flatwound." - Thomastik-Infeld

Thomastik-Infeld JF324H Flat Wound Short Scale HOFNER Bass Guitar Strings offer a deep, balanced tone unique from other flatwound strings due to its special nickel alloy ribbon that wraps around its Spirocore. The highly flexible steel core is wrapped with a silk inlay giving it a deep tone and high out put comparable to the double bass.

Flat Wound/Hofner 43-56-70-96

Note: These are Short Scale strings - 32" and have been designed for the HOFNER Beatles Bass with a .096 low "E" string. They WILL fit any of the original series German made basses. They do NOT fit the Asian made Icon & Contemporary series. This is due to the tuning machines used on those models; the holes are too small for the strings.

What makes Thomastik-Infeld different?
Pursuing the perfect sound, Thomastik-Infeld starts with steel and nylon as core materials for their strings. The highly qualified technicians then wind and check every string by hand in order to insure quality and perfect tone. Infeld and his staff continually pursue the ever changing musical world, applying the evolving preferences in timbre, technique, and playing to their own imagination in pursuit of delivering perfection.

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By Joe S.
Beaumont, TX
9 years and counting!
December 31, 2021
Current set on my 1967 Hofner has been on for 9 years and going strong. The best strings I've ever put on this bass since purchasing as genuine NOS in 1984. Records great, feels great (I use a light touch mostly with a pick, but use my thumb for that occasional upright sound).
  • Longevity, feel, sound, value for $.
By Rich
San Fran
best bass string ever
January 9, 2019
I got these for my '67 hofner, as so as I bought it about a decade ago or so. Being my first electric in a long time, I only did a little research, and bought them from a few reviews and honestly because they were expensive, and i wanted to see what the hype was about for my new (vintage) bass. They didn't do much for me, so i changed them out for nylon wraps, then a while later put them back on to see the difference. And they have not come off since. Almost a decade I have had the exact same strings on the Hof, and I love them to death. Yes, they are very flexible, especially with my half step down tuning. Loose even. I have heard them described as a "wet noodle". Might not be for everyone, especially if you are not used to it, but it makes playing completely effortless.

The idea of building callouses to play bass has disappeared. And I can do things with them like play incredibly articulately at high speeds that is impossible on normal strings. The level of control of the string is unmatched, not even close by any other string. For those saying they are too bright, yeah, when you first put them on, and they stay bright for longer than most, they have a very long break in time, but it is totally worth it, and I can tell you, after the first 7 years or so they start to sound amazing. Just kidding, it takes a few weeks or so and they sound like melted butter. The tone is so fat. And THEY LAST. I paid $60-65 ten years ago and they are still going strong, will probably last another decade or longer, indefinitely.
  • Incredible speed and articulation, so easy on the fingers, no callouses necessary, last a lifetime, amazing fat tone after breaking in.
  • loose feel, which is only a con if you are not used to it. It's a pro for me. Take a long time to break in.
By John
Chicago, Illinois
Love 'em
December 12, 2016
Thomastik are in a league of their own.

The other ones I've tried on my two Hofners are:
- La Bella Beatle bass strings
- Hofner brand Beatle bass flats (which I was told by a rep at a large European distributor that they were NOT Pyramid strings repackaged, but their own strings made in-house... interesting to read the previous reviewer's comments on that one!)

Firstly, all 3 are great options for these basses imho. And this is how I'd separate the 3.

La Bella - for "real" bass players, that actually play bass a lot. The string is pretty stiff and the tension is kind of higher. The tone/brightness and sustain is half way between Hofner (dull) and Thomastik (bright).

Hofner - for Beatle fans. The tone is classic 'dumpy' McCartney bass tone. I've put these on my Beatle bass, and it sounds the way I always thought it should... The low E has to be played to be believed.

Thomastik - For the guitar player that plays bass sometimes, and also can't make up their mind between flats and round wounds - they have the best of both worlds imho. If you like the top end of flatwound strings, but want it refined and elastic sounding on the top two strings, and a bit growly on the bottom two, these sound and feel good. The feel is supple/low tension, and bouncy. When the string is straight out of the packet you feel it... The sustain is longish on the A and E strings for flats, and the construction seems different on these two strings too. For me, these are the perfect "all rounder" bass string. And they're what I use for my Club bass, and my other 4 string... They'll probably stay for the next 6 years or so, like my previous set.

Last time I tried the other "non-H" Thomastik set with a 0.106" low E, and I loved them, so I thought I'd try the "H" set thinking that it would be better tweaked for Hofner basses... but they're not. The length is the same which is about an inch too long, and the silks are kinda too bulky to fit in the slots so I had to wind them off. My basses are old so maybe it's a difference with current production tailpieces but I doubt it. In other words the ONLY difference is the low E being 0.010" thinner, which is a nice, but also the 0.106" works well too. It's better balanced with the top two strings actually.
By Bika
New Orleans, La.
Good Strings,Feel Good, But not for the Hofner
July 4, 2016
After trying several brands of strings for my vintage 69 Hofner, and my newer (2010) V63 Hofner, I was advised to try these TI strings.
They feel good to the touch, but I noticed right away, they are a bit bright. Especially the G & D strings. Definitely not that 60's Hofner sound most people look for who own Hofner basses. I left them on awhile to settle in, and tried to EQ them to get the deep thud I wanted from Original Hofner strings. It is just not there with TI .
I had the same experience with Pyramid Gold, and Labella -Hofner light scale.
I eventually bought one set of LaBella Black Tape Wound strings for the 69 Hofner, and even though, somewhat brighter that some original flats, they sound much better than the TI's, Pyramid, or the LaBella Hofner-Lights on a Hofner .
I've been playing Hofner Basses & other basses for 40 years now. So far, the LaBella Black Tape, and the LaBella Deep Talkin 760FHBB .50-.100 are the closest I can get to the original Hofner strings made by Selmer for Hofner many years ago. I actually still have an Original set of Real Hofner strings that I keep on my V63. Pyramid makes the strings for the newer Reissue German Hofner basses. It takes awhile for the LaBella 760FHBB to settle in on the Hofner, as they are a bit stiff. After 3 months I removed them & put my old original Hofner strings back on, & thud! That marvelous sound was back!

TI's are great strings! They are not, to my ears, & IMO, the strings for that vintage Hofner sound.

Save your $72 plus dollars & buy LaBella Deep Talkin Flats 760FHBB or LaBella Nylon Black Tape if you want to get anywhere near to that vintage Hofner sound! Just trying to save you some money here. Fender Flats (very inexpensive) are great for the money, but, are a bit noisy in a studio on a Hofner .

Just another tip. Don't buy the new Hofner brand at $100 plus online from other sources swearing they are original Hofner strings. They are Pyramids, made for Hofner! I called Hofner in Germany, spoke with a luthier there & he advised me that the strings they were putting on reissue Hofner basses were in fact, made by Pyramid, for Hofner, as Selmer had stopped making strings for Hofner some time back.

Bottom line, Strings and Beyond has all the strings I mentioned above, except original Hofner, and no one has them anymore. Strings and Beyond are great people with a great staff, with a lot of knowledge. I buy all my strings, guitar, bass, etc. from Strings and Beyond! I hope this short story has helped someone looking for Hofner bass replacement strings. Whatever you do select, you can't go wrong buying from Strings and Beyond !
  • Smooth, well made
  • Definitely not for the retro 60's Hofner sound. Fairly bright for flats, especially G & D strings, and a bit on the expensive end... probably great for most other solid body basses ?

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