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Pyramid Pure Nickel Wound Classics Round Core Electric Guitar Strings

Item# PYR_EL-R45X-EL
Buy Discount Pyramid Pure Nickel Wound Classics Round Core Electric Guitar Strings On Sale Online and Save
Pyramid Pure Nickel Wound Classics Round Core Electric Guitar Strings
Pyramid Pure Nickel Wound Classics Round Core Electric Guitar Strings
Pyramid Pure Nickel Wound Classics Round Core Electric Guitar Strings
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Item Description

If you want better tone and more sustain on your electric guitar, get Pyramid Pure Nickel Wound Classics Round Core Electric Guitar Strings from Strings and Beyond. These strings ring so well because they are handmade with 99.2 percent pure nickel rap wire. They are precisely wound with care, not with the usual fast and machine-like methods of other modern strings. Pyramid has been around since 1850 making excellent-quality guitar strings. With that history, it is no wonder that they are so popular and have been in existence for so long. To see Pyramid technicians creating their signature strings, see our 'Product Video' section below.

Please note that on Round Core Strings, you should tune the strings to pitch before cutting off the excess at the guitar’s headstock. They come in a variety of options of gauges from light to medium. If you cannot find what you are looking for here, have a look at our full line of Pyramid Strings at Strings and Beyond. Order your Pyramid Pure Nickel Wound Classics Round Core Electric Guitar Strings from Strings and Beyond today.

R450 Light 9 12 16 22 32 42
R450/451 Light/Reg 9 12 16 26 36 46
R451 Regular 10 13 17 26 36 46
R451/455 Regular Special 10 13 17 28 38 48
R455 Special 11 14 18 28 38 48
R453 Regular/Heavy 10 13 17 30 42 52
R452 Medium 11 14 20w 30 42 50
R454 Traditional 12 16 22w 32 44 54

Product Video

Check out this video and see how Pyramid Strings are wound by expert hands to ensure the highest quality!


19 Reviews
74% (14)
16% (3)
11% (2)
0% (0)
0% (0)
68% Recommend this product (13 of 19 responses)
By Jeff
October 12, 2018
Decent, overrated
I was relatively unimpressed with these strings. For the money, they're really not that special. They sounded and felt fine, but did not last especially long (as some have claimed), which might have justified the cost. After one gig and about a week and a half of playing, they were pretty dead (especially the 4th string). That's about as much "life" as I typically get out of my go-to strings, D'Addario EXL-110s (which are cheaper). These strings are also advertised as being "more flexible" than regular strings, due to their round core. I did not find this to be the case. If anything, they felt a bit stiffer than both D'Addarios and the Fender 150s I replaced these Pyramids with. And in fact, it felt like I had to bend the wound strings further to reach the same pitch. I don't mind that I spent $8.99 on these as an experiment, but I wouldn't buy them again.
By Raynor Fan
Somewhere in the middle of Connecticut
July 2, 2018
Amazing Differrence
I can't get over how much difference in tone these strings make. I play a 1994 Strat, reissue of late '50s model and the improved sound is incredible. Add to that the fact that the strings last so much longer. Well worth the price.
By rob
March 21, 2018
best strings
these are simply the best strings i've ever used, and they last long
By Bruce
SF Bay Area.
January 10, 2018
Pure Nickel great for Jazz.
Tried the 10-48 set on my '64 ES335 and did not like them for blues or Jazz. Too mellow and the plain strings had much more volume than the much softer wound strings. Just put a 12-54 set on my Gibson L-5CES and they sound great; jazz , blue, etc. Very articulate, string balance is great, and the tone is deep, full and responds well to picking changes; with noticeable nuances from varied attack.
ProsTone and feel.
By retnev
December 19, 2017
Not for the Tonedeaf
These strings basically take care of all the wolf tones created byt the hex cores and franken strings. Nature does not like sharp edges and in tone production those sharp hex edges of normal strings are going to cause all kinds of prominent unwanted harmonics. It beats me how people cannot hear this. But I guess the tone-deaf canno hear the obvious improvement good round-cores will give. Then if you string them incorrectly aint going to work. If you play a badly set up guitar that needs nut-sauce, .. aint going to work optimum. If you understand the benefit of playing a high gauge low tension string this is for you. If you do not have an ear (and excusably how would you know?) and dont know the hgitory of eg strats and players from dreaded black diamond era, then you wont understand this. For me there is only one string set for my strats ... Pyramid and GHS Boomers if I have to use hex. Between the two I solve all my problems.
ProsSupresses guitar wolftones High gauge lower tension feel bases Huge value for money Most natural overtones (If you can hear them. Most people has problems with the fundamental !)
ConsNot for beginners, if done wrong it WILL sound dull.
By Mike
Biggera Waters, Queensland
July 25, 2016
Ok But Not For Me
I tried these based on the reviews I'd read, Playing 3 gigs a week I was expecting more tone wise than I got, I gave them 2 gigs and finally replaced them today with my standard EPN120's. I guess it's what you like or don't like tone wise, but for me they didn't give me that much difference to justify the cost.
By Jared
Maryland Heights, Mo
April 7, 2016
Bang for the Buck
I have been using these for a few years now. Originally I was referred to them by a friend who had been playing seriously his whole life who swears by them. I have to say, they feel and play great, and are not too expensive. I have been playing since the early 90's and never really settled on a particular brand of string like these Pyramids before...they are a nice find.
ProsClean crisp tones, hold up well to hard/extensive play, and they don't break very often, not even the high E.
ConsThey don't break... It kills me to take off unbroken strings when it time to change them, but I have grown accustom to it.
By Ray Reagan
Calgary, Canada
May 11, 2015
Worth a try!
These strings were a two-pronged experiment for me: first, I had never tried them before and ordered them on spec, and second, I ordered them online, something that I do not do often. I had tried the brand's Maximum Performance set before and found them to be exceptionally well-balanced and very close to having that soft, broken-in feel of another brand's strings. After stringing up a Gibson Historic 335, tuning to pitch, and 'play stretching," I was a bit disappointed in the feel of the Nickel Classics. In the past, I would have taken them off after I went and got a replacement set of some old standbys and chalked it up to an experiment that just did not pan out. I gave them a chance and I am glad I did. After they settled in, which was quite quick, they limbered up and they settled in to become my new "go-to" strings for the Gibson guitars in my collection. They are very well balanced strings and suit the more classically oriented and styled music I like to play. They are also very stable strings, and they do not mind being subjected to alternate tunings. They are as others here have described them: warm and vintage sounding, which to me means they are neither overly bright and metallic nor are they dull and "thuddy." They are very clear and full sounding across the tonal spectrum. They've been on a few of my guitars for about a month now and they look like they can handle the abuse for a long period of time.
ProsStability--once they are tuned up and play stretched[I don't do the yank, pull, or shake routine; I tune them up, play them, tune them, and then let them be] they hold their tuuning very well. After a very short break-in they are stable and do not mind the open tuning business. These strings have impressive balance across the range. I expect these strings will last longer than what I have used in the past and what is available in my area.
ConsThey are not inexpensive for me with currency exchange(U.S. to Canadian) and they are not represented very well in my corner of the world. I have to order these on line. Fortunately, S&B have these on sale and they get them to you in a timely fashion, border issues notwithstanding. In the end, you will pay more, but you also get more, which is something that is not always possible.
By Joe
Athens, GA
January 3, 2015
Best Strings Evah
I have been playing guitar for about 40 years and these are the best strings I have ever used. I wish I had known about them years ago. My hands put out some metal destroying crap/oil/sweat. I can ruin a set of my previous normal strings (D'Addarios) in one gig. I can actually get about two weeks use out of the Pyramids, which I never have with any other brand. The tone of these strings is perfect to me. I also love the feel, they seem smoother than any other strings I have tried. I'm using 11's on a PRS DGT and they play smooth and effortlessly (they bend easy for 11's).
ProsWell made, long lasting, even tone and hold tune well without stretching the life out of them.
ConsSeem expensive but because of the long string life, they don't cost me any more than my old normal strings.
By Matthew
Melbourne, Victoria (Australia)
April 28, 2014
A Great Vintage Style String
A beautifully crafted set of vintage style round core strings - much warmer and rounder sounding than your more modern style 'hex-core' strings. I certainly recommend these for any player of vintage electric guitars. I've strung up my '69 ES335 and '67 Harmony Rocket with the Nickel Classics; both sound and feel great.
ProsRich vintage tone.
ConsPricier than your average string.
By Andrew
Grasonville, MD
January 22, 2014
Best price for the best quality.
Let's say you are like me and your hands absolutely destroy strings. You might wipe 'em down after you finish playing, but in a few days they sound rotten and feel gunky. The normal strings might cost around $3.50 and if you replace them every week, your monthly bill is $13+. And for most of that time, your strings are hard to play. Then get these strings! They sound and play so well, and even with my sweaty hands, I can keep these on for maybe two weeks before I notice a sound difference, and even then they are still playable. I keep them on for about a month, which is much cheaper than what I'd be doing with the old strings, and I get better performance out of them. It was a no brainer for me.
By Winston Waldemayer
December 28, 2013
Best Strings
These Pyramid Nickel Wound Classics are really some of the best strings. I have tried many different ones of late and these are very balanced, great sustain, soft feel, and don't seem to wear very much. Stays in tune (once stretched). I always stretch strings up two whole notes then bring back down to the desired pitch. Played a little bit, checked tuning.... a little flat on three strings... retuned.... BAM! Still in tune days later. Great feel and sustain, just an awesome set of strings. I have locking tuners on my ESP so I bend the wound strings back to (once through the tuners) which puts a kink bend in the string then I lock them and cut the string in front of the bend. Tuned up no problem and no dead strings. Excellent tone as well.
ProsStays in Tune, Tone, Feel, Sustain, durability
ConsPrice but then again... you get what you pay for.
By Joseph
Greensboro, NC
April 22, 2013
Totally worth it.
I have a set of Seymour Duncan Antiquity single coils on my guitar, which use vintage magnet pole staggers. When pickups were invented, electric guitar strings had a wound third string, which means that vintage pickups have the poles closer to the strings on the 3rd through 6th strings. If you put a set of "modern" strings with plain third on a guitar with vintage pickups, it will make your 3rd string (G) be crazy loud. We're all used to it, because nobody ever talks about this, so we don't notice that everybody's electric guitar has a harsh & loud G string, but trust me…it is. So, when you install a set of strings with a wound third, and play with pickups that have a vintage stagger pole config (which almost all of them do), you will suddenly hear a very pleasing sound! It sounds like the pickup manufacturer wanted it to sound! The other things I love about these strings are the round core, which means constant contact between the core and the winding, as opposed to hex core strings, which bite into the windings to prevent slippage. Round core strings produce even harmonics, while hex core strings produce odd harmonics. Even harmonics are more musical, and more pleasing to the ear. It all makes a difference! Finally, the full nickel wrap just makes for a great, natural, woody sound. No harshness, and they age gracefully. They're bright enough; no worries there. The difference makes these make an electric guitar almost sound acoustic when running clean. I have found that these strings last just as long as D'Addario. Durability is the same across the board.
ProsSound, durability, feel, materials, quality
Conslimited availability
By Glenn
SW Florida
February 24, 2013
D'Addario Guy Is Converted
Well, I have been using D'Addario XL Nickel strings on my Godin LGX-SA for years, didn't think anything could really top that. I put these on and not only am I playing this guitar much more, but sometimes I look back at the guitar feeling that it is not the same guitar, but a new one. It sounds louder and better. The D'Addario XL would sound rather "robotic" now compared to this handmade strings.
By Joe
January 31, 2013
A Cut Above the Rest!
You cannot go wrong with these strings. Great vintage feel, tone and sustain.
By Gary M
June 27, 2012
Pyramid Strings
I installed these on three of my instruments, and the sound character of each changed for the better! Instant warmth and vintage tone!
By Paul Troia
April 27, 2012
Superlative Strings
These strings are simply fantastic. I tried about every brand out there and everything doesn't even come close to these strings. Long sustain, great sounding, smooth feel and very long lasting, that's how I would describe them! I actually play heavy metal and these are the ones for me. Try them out!
By Richard Savage
December 19, 2011
Pyramid Pure Nickel Wound Classics 10 gauge
I just re-strung my Strat with a set of Classic 10's. When I strummed a few chords unplugged the guitar was noticeably louder and the sustain was longer. When I plugged it in to my Laney L5T valve amp I was blown away by the tone. Warm and sustaining, great for blues and rock and roll tones. The strings were easy to bend too, for 10's on a Strat. I am delighted with these strings and will be sticking with them for a while. Downsides: the strings have a certain "stickiness" which I like, but maybe not everyone will. Also perhaps not so suitable for aggressive rock styles.
By Barry Chabala
September 8, 2010
Pyramid Nickel Classics
These are fantastic strings. Highest quality materials and craftsmanship really come through in the feel and tone of these strings and the sustain from the round core design goes on for days.

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