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Martin Retro Monel Acoustic Guitar Strings

Item# MAR_MM1X
Buy Discount Martin Retro Monel Acoustic Guitar Strings On Sale Online and Save
Martin Retro Monel Acoustic Guitar Strings
Martin Retro Monel Acoustic Guitar Strings
Martin Retro Monel Acoustic Guitar Strings
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Martin Retro Strings

The Materials
Core Wire: Tin-plated hex core
Wrap Wire: Solid Nickel/Copper Alloy Blend (NOT Nickel-plated)

The Gauging
Martin offers modified gauging on the B, D, and A strings for modern playability. The modified gauging makes the string easier to play with a more balanced feel and clear intonation.

The Process
Martin employs a sophisticated winding process in the making of their Retro String line. This process controls the coupling between the core and wrap wire to maximize intonation. This process takes their traditional Monel string, which was innovated in the 1930s, and perfects it with modern technology.

The Core
Martin uses tin-plated steel hex core wire for their Retro Strings. The tin-plating helps prevent galvanic corrosion - the natural corrosion that happens when the core wire comes in contact with the wrap wire. The combination of tin-plated hex core wire and solid nickel alloy wrap wire provides for a long-lasting string from the inside out.

The Wrap
Martinís proprietary SOLID Nickel/Copper alloy blend provides for a reduced pick attack which allows the guitarís tone woods to be heard, not overshadowed. It offers a uniquely mellow, yet crisp, sound. Martinís wrap is a solid Nickel/Copper blend, not nickel-plated, meaning there is no chance for defects in the plating to allow for corrosion. Instead, Martinís proprietary wrap wire is naturally corrosion resistant, so much so that it has been used in various marine applications, including use in the propeller of Dreadnaught battleships. It is also incredibly strong, even stronger than pure nickel, and has been used in machinery and tooling applications.

The Real Deal
Martin Retros are the real deal. Not an imitation. With Martin Retros, you get one tough set of strings that will last a long time and give you true, consistent tone that sounds like nothing else on the market.  



MM12 Light 12-15-25-31-41-54

MM10 Extra Light 10-13-23-29-38-47

MM11 Custom Light 11-14-23-31-41-52

MM13 Traditional Medium 13-17-26-35-45-56

MLJ13 Laurence Juber Retro 13-17-24-32-42-56

MM1012 12-String Extra Light 10-10-14-14-23-10-30-12-39-18-47-27



48 Reviews
75% (36)
13% (6)
8% (4)
2% (1)
2% (1)
90% Recommend this product (43 of 48 responses)
Marion, IN
September 5, 2018
sound great right out of the pack
I generally don't like new strings on acoustic guitars, so I never thought I'd like a set right out of the packages - give the a few days to break in and "deaden up" and usually they're great (Martin SPs have been my go-tos for several years). But decided to experiment with these, and so glad I did. I put them on my cheap Recording King 12-fret, and they sound ridiculously good. We'll see, now, how they age, but I'm impressed so far.
Prossound great immediately dark, rich tone Martin quality
Orje, Norway
August 13, 2018
I'm in love. :)
These are just amazing strings - full and balanced tone, amazing clarity without being artificially bright in any way. Probably the best tuning stability I have ever experienced in a guitar string.

Also, no discolouration on your fingertips, a nice bonus. :)

String tension and playability seem pretty much average to me, 12-54 set.

String life is well above average, in my case at least.

ProsSound Tuning stability and intonation Long life No dark fingertips
ConsNone really, but some people may possibly miss some overtones and harmonics
By Tim
saint john, NB
July 25, 2018
Love these strings
Was really Suprised by these strings. They hold up well.
By Willie 'J'
Calgary Alberta, Canada
May 22, 2018
Very Nice.....
5 out of 5 .... Tried them on my Martin D18 .......Awesome tone and clarity ....perfect.....
By Gunbarrel
Boulder, CO
May 19, 2018
Wanna know a secret?
It isn‚€™t a secret that Retro strings are amazing on acoustic guitar. The hidden secret is these are the best electric strings I‚€™ve ever used! Bass notes are firm and crisp, mids are open and shimmery, and the top end is just right.

I‚€™m always shocked when I can get 2 months from a set of strings so when I put these (I‚€™ve used the 10 set with an added 17 single, or the 13 set and add a 10 on top just like the old days) so imagine my surprise when I put these on my #1 Strat the middle of January and only now need changing as the intonation is a bit off. 5 months on a set of strings? I‚€™d call bs, but as a guitar and pickup builder I‚€™m very, very picky about strings. How many guitars have you demoed with dead strings? My guess is you never fell in love with a guitar with dead strings which is why I now put Retros on every guitar I build.

I did contact Martin about this so they could sell a 9 & 10 set for electric, but they didn‚€™t reply.
ProsCrazy long life Reasonably priced Toneally sits between the warmth of pure nickel and the punchy brightness of nickel steel Packaging keeps strings fresh far better than the old cardboard boxes They let my guitars sound more like themselves The sound and feel is unsurpassed
ConsMartin really needs to offer the XLight set 10-47 with both a wound and plain G string Not USA made Each string in its own paper envelope (due to customers demand, but it is wasteful)
By Ron Harless
Buffalo, Mo
May 18, 2018
I was quite impressed with how smooth each string blended in with the other
A jammin' friend gave me a set to try and as soon as I tuned my guitar and strummed it a couple of I was quite impressed with how smooth each string blended in with the other and the tone quality is outstanding.
By Jean-Philippe
Montreal, QC
April 5, 2018
Great strings!
These strings make my Martin HD-28 and my Simon & Patrick parlor come to life more than the regular Martin or D'Addario strings in my opinion. There's no going back for me!
By Roddy
Milton Keynes, England, UK
March 17, 2018
The sound my 12 fret has been looking for
I have a Recording King ROS-627 which is an exact copy of a Martin 000-28VS. I bought it 5 years ago and it has matured nicely. Rosewood back and sides, ebony fretboard, wide, v-neck, slotted headstock, scalloped x-bracing: the classic 1920s design. Now I've never been a fan of Martin strings and when the top E broke when I was tuning it up I thought "I was right, Martin strings, they're no good". The other strings went on okay though they all had a tendency to slip and slide along the steel bar and it was difficult to get the strings nice and neatly wound; it must be something to do with the nickel. Having opened a second pack to retrieve another top E I finally got them all on and the guitar tuned up. I could instantly tell that these strings were what my 12 fret had been waiting for to perfect its sound. I've been playing the guitar all night, it sounds like new. Well, in actual fact it sounds like 'old' which is what that guitar is all about. I'm a Joan Baezy type finger picker and my fingers just fly round that guitar and each string sounds as clear and defined as the keys on a piano. I highly recommend these strings, certainly for my kind of guitar.
ProsThey look great and are perfect for vintage style guitars.
ConsThey tended to slide around the bar on the slotted headstock.
By Jorge
Barcelona, Barcelona
November 29, 2017
Nice surprise
I was quite skeptical with this, as anything with "Retro" or "Vintage" in the name seems to be easily sold, but I read good things about them, so I gave them a try. My impression is that they don't have the (IMO) excessive brightness of new strings, but they have a very warm and clear sound, full and bassy. I don't think they sound muted like others say, although I understand that some people miss that brightness.
Regarding volume, they're pretty much like bronze strings, although maybe in an acoustic jam session they won't cut through all the instruments as well as bronze strings due to that reduced brightness.
About lifespan, some people say they last longer... that's not my feeling, but maybe I do sweat quite a lot :(
Anyway, give them a try, it's worth it. Then again, depending on the guitar they might give better results, of course.
ProsWarm, clear, bassy sound. Not excessively bright.
ConsMight not be as good as other strings for acoustic jams with banjos, fiddles and other high volume instruments.
By Joshua
Madisonville, TN
October 22, 2017
Excellent tone and playability
By Luke
Omak, Washington
September 9, 2017
Perfect for taming tone on a Jim Dandy
I put the Retro Custom Lights on my son's Gretsch 9500 Jim Dandy and what a huge improvement on the little guitar. It has a very vintage sound. It made a tremendous improvement on it playability too. They really cleaned up the tone through the piezo pickup.
ProsClean supple tones, soft feel, easy for little fingers to play. Really enjoyable.
By Antonio
Saint-laurent, QC
September 6, 2017
Vintage sound
My guitar sounds great
By Shai
Mullumbimby Creek, NSW
July 18, 2017
Excellent Tone!
I tried these on my old faithful Yamaha FG - 480S and fell in love with this guitar all over again! Excellent Tone and feels great to play:-)
By Dave
Houston, TX
June 27, 2017
Not the sound I was looking for
Rather than delivery a broken-in, vintage sound, to me they just sound deadened.
ProsI like Martin gauges
ConsDeadened sound
Louisville, USA
June 7, 2017
Good for electric guitars, too!
I *love* these. And I like keeping a good supply on hand, because they sound great on everything from small acoustics guitars, to archtops, to dreadnoughts, and even to guitars with electromagnetic pickups. The alloy is nickel-based, so they love the P-90 on my old Gibson ES-125, and even humbuckers. Super-versatile, and a unique, beautiful tone.
By Dennis
March 9, 2017
A whole new dimension
These are the best strings I've ever used. They allow you to hear the wood,rather than the string winding. They are dry and breathy with mahogany, warm and fat sounding with maple. Keep up the good work, Martin.
Prosfeel, durability and tone
By Sergios
November 21, 2016
Good stuff...!
They don't last but that's what the Martin guys promise... the woody sound of your guitar is what you get. Mellow, Mellow...
The feel is good with less tension
By Jeffrey Cohen
Thornhill, Ontario Canada
November 5, 2016
Martin Retro Monel stings on Larrivee D-50
Day 1, warmer, more balanced...less boom in the bottom end, more fat in the high notes, very dynamic. with the greater tension, I can dig in and the sound doesn't bottom out. Much darker tone than phosphor-bronze or Elixirs, which is what I wanted. So far, I'm very happy with these.
ProsSlightly more string tension, making intonation when playing up the neck a bit better. Warm, rich tone, balanced, fat high notes, great price.
ConsOn this particular guitar, none that I can think of.
By john mullen
October 31, 2016
Best I have found
Tried some as an experiment with a pre-war Martin 00-28. Incredible sound and ease of play. Ordering more for my vintage collection.
By Sasha
Rabac, 52221
July 8, 2016
Perfect for all solid sapele
I own martin 000RS1 all sapele and these fit perfectly. The phosphor bronze, especially elixir (which I have used regulary on ovation) sound weird and unnatrual. Retros wrapping material doesn't seem to affect the sound that much. They are all silver so they are keeping the vintage - no bling bling look of my guitar.
Pros-great sounding -long lasting

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