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Martin Retro Monel Acoustic Guitar Strings MM12 Light 12-54

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Martin Retro Strings

The Materials
Core Wire: Tin-plated hex core
Wrap Wire: Solid Nickel/Copper Alloy Blend (NOT Nickel-plated)

The Gauging
Martin offers modified gauging on the B, D, and A strings for modern playability. The modified gauging makes the string easier to play with a more balanced feel and clear intonation.

The Process
Martin employs a sophisticated winding process in the making of their Retro String line. This process controls the coupling between the core and wrap wire to maximize intonation. This process takes their traditional Monel string, which was innovated in the 1930s, and perfects it with modern technology.

The Core
Martin uses tin-plated steel hex core wire for their Retro Strings. The tin-plating helps prevent galvanic corrosion - the natural corrosion that happens when the core wire comes in contact with the wrap wire. The combination of tin-plated hex core wire and solid nickel alloy wrap wire provides for a long-lasting string from the inside out.

The Wrap
Martinís proprietary SOLID Nickel/Copper alloy blend provides for a reduced pick attack which allows the guitarís tone woods to be heard, not overshadowed. It offers a uniquely mellow, yet crisp, sound. Martinís wrap is a solid Nickel/Copper blend, not nickel-plated, meaning there is no chance for defects in the plating to allow for corrosion. Instead, Martinís proprietary wrap wire is naturally corrosion resistant, so much so that it has been used in various marine applications, including use in the propeller of Dreadnaught battleships. It is also incredibly strong, even stronger than pure nickel, and has been used in machinery and tooling applications.

The Real Deal
Martin Retros are the real deal. Not an imitation. With Martin Retros, you get one tough set of strings that will last a long time and give you true, consistent tone that sounds like nothing else on the market.  



MM12 Light 12-15-25-31-41-54

MM10 Extra Light 10-13-23-29-38-47

MM11 Custom Light 11-14-23-31-41-52

MM13 Traditional Medium 13-17-26-35-45-56

MLJ13 Laurence Juber Retro 13-17-24-32-42-56

MM1012 12-String Extra Light 10-10-14-14-23-10-30-12-39-18-47-27

Martin Retro Monel Acoustic Guitar Strings MM12 Light 12-54
Martin Retro Monel Acoustic Guitar Strings MM10 Extra Light 10-47
Martin Retro Monel Acoustic Guitar Strings MM11 Custom Light 11-52
Martin Retro Monel Acoustic Guitar Strings MM13 Medium 13-56
Martin Retro Monel Acoustic Guitar Strings MTR13 Bluegrass 13-56
Martin Retro Monel Acoustic Guitar Strings MLJ13 Laurence Juber Retro 13-56
Martin Retro Monel Acoustic Guitar Strings MM1012 12 String Extra Light 10-47



7 Reviews
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29% (2)
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100% Recommend this product (7 of 7 responses)
By Mike
Best strings
January 29, 2021
The strings I keep coming back to Iíve tried them all.
By Sasha
Rabac, Croatia
For now, the best for my all sapele 000rs1
January 6, 2020
In past years I have tried a lot of strings. These immediately impressed me with the lack of that zingy string sound. These give me more guitar sound and less of the string sound. Although they are perfect for my darker body guitar, I didn't dig them that much on the sitka top ovation. Also I don't change them that often.
  • Sound
  • Long lasting
  • Kinda like phos bronze on sitka top guitars
By L0ren
DADGAD gauge! Works for other tunings, too....
December 24, 2019
Laurence Juber is sort of the "King of DADGAD" -- he plays more often in that tuning than in standard, I suspect.

Note that with this particular set, the strings you de-tune for DADGAD -- i.e., the low E, the B, and the high E ... these are the strings that are actually from a set of Mediums. The inner three strings - the A, the D, the G ... these are basically light gauge strings. So lowering the pitch a whole step, on the two trebles, and the low E, you get slacker strings, but heavier gauge, so the whole set feels well-balanced. Very good thinking, Mr. Juber! Good for bluegrass too, if you don't bend strings. Great tone, by the way!
By roger t.
pennsboro wva
November 15, 2019
I got a set of these in my Martin Owners Club package a few years back. I put them on a DXI Martin that is my daily player and occasional gig guitar. These things woke up the tone of this guitar. Much brighter tone. Fingered lightly and very responsive. I'm hooked.
  • very bright sound and easy on the fingers
  • none
By Russ
Woodland Park, Colorado
October 15, 2019
Been using Elixirs for many years, and Martin Authentic's, and these retain their tone even longer than either one of those. Their sound might not suit all guitars but when they do they're heaven!
By Hendog
Sydney, New South Wales
Sound pretty great, get worn down pretty quick
July 7, 2019
I usually find it tough to distinguish between strings. I know what I absolutely love and I know what I absolutely hate and what is 'standard'. I think with acoustic strings it's probably more prominent since it's not going through any amp and it's as pure as you can get in your sound.

I loved these when I put them on. There was something about it.Good bass tones. Mid's stick out. Not awfully trebly.

But after 3 days off full on rehearsal practicing they became dull. That's a shame. Now I know to put them on like 2 days before a gig.
  • Really nice warm even sounding.
  • Dull very quickly
By howdy
Flint Hills, KS
great for red cedar top
June 7, 2019
my Breedlove Concert Solo w/soundhole cutout in the side & red cedar top never sounded quite the way I wanted it to with the stock strings and replacement strings (that sound great on my Gibson spruce top w/finger pickin' setup). Decided to try these though I had fears that they would sound thin and tinney. Surprise! This guitar really came alive! It has a great balanced ringing sustained sound, plenty of bass and mids and not tinney on top either. I would give these 5 stars but they cost more, I'm a tight wad. In this case it was worth it, don't be afraid to try them.
  • brought out the wood sound of solid red spruce top, tone is still there (now three months)
  • cost more

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