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Dunlop Ultex Jazz III Guitar Picks 427 Ultex Jazz III 6 Pack

Item# DUN_427P
Buy Discount Dunlop Ultex Jazz III Guitar Picks 427 Ultex Jazz III 6 Pack On Sale Online and Save
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Item Description

The Ultex Jazz III combines the durability, sharp attack and lightweight of Ultex with the coveted pointed tip design and quick release edge of a Jazz III. Ultex gives you a wide dynamic range and is now available in the Jazz III shape to add speed, clarity and definition to any style of playing. Get 4 Jim Dunlop Ultex Jazz III picks for $1.99. (Qty. 1 = 4 picks , Qty. 2 = 8 picks)


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By Yuri
Tomsk, Russia
April 4, 2018
My favorite Jazz III variety
I've been using Jazz III picks for years (red Nylon first, then Tortex, and finally Ultex). I love the precise 'feel' they provide, and, after getting used to them, 'normal' picks feel clunky.

What I like about the Ultex version vs. Nylon and/or Tortex:
- Much more durable, don't have to change picks nearly as often
- Worn edges are still smooth (as opposed to Nylon, which gets rough and affects the sound of the attack)
- Sounds more pronounced / less dull than Nylon

The only thing I don't like about it is the color combined with translucency, making it hard to find if dropped, especially on wooden floors
By Asaf
March 15, 2018
Great stability and stiffness but to small for my fingers at least
They are great value for the price, and I don't mind loosing one here and then, but they are too small for my taste, especially after I've experienced Wegen picks. Still, if you like the Joe Pass style of minimal contact between pick and string, then they will do the job quite well.
Prosstiff and cheap (so don't mind loosing), jazz sound
ConsBoring color?
By Victor
Barra Bonita, Sao Paulo
November 13, 2017
Not too big, not too small
I really like these picks size. Just slightly smaller than standard picks...
The material is very interesting as well, very durable...
By Miguel
Socorro, TX
July 4, 2017
Nice Jazz III pick
If you like jazz III picks, plus looking for a brighter guitar tone and a durable pick, this is the one for you.
By Greg
Montreal, Quebec
February 4, 2016
Amazing tones
Set up:
Kanilea GL 6 "guilele"
Kanilea GL6 strings
Dunlop Ultex Jazz III Guitar Picks

I bought a wide array of picks, a lot of the wegen picks for example, to experiment and find my sound on a kanilea GL6. These things are the ones I ended up loving, hands down. They sound best new and don't necessarily retain a perfect edge forever but I still use some that are 6 months old if i'm not being picky and you lose very little. They're better the newer they are, though.

I can get anything from a bluegrass sound, to an electric jazz guitar sound using these. It sounds like I'm playing a full guitar.

I prefer the small size of them for intimacy with the instrument and became used to the size quickly despite having somewhat large hands. I hold them with the point angled back a little bit towards my palm and somehow that creates a very resonant tone with that top striking edge. I mean it's worth noting I'm using these on a specific Koa wood instrument with a smaller body but these compliment it very well. Bottom three strings are metal, top three gut nylon. Unlike most other picks there is very little percussive sound on striking a string, just the tone comes out. Opinions on this may vary but I like to be able to sound like a jazz guitar sometimes, the pure tone and sustain. However I play mostly bluegrass/jazz rhythm guitar hybrid style with these and get the best sound in that style as well. Gentle and yet strong and deep, they reproduce a perfect bass sound on lower strings and strumming higher strings sounds very nice. For melody lines they are highly accurate.

A lot of other picks have a tinney sound and buzz when using that annoys me. The only picks that compare somewhat are the wedex blugrass pick and the 182 jazz pick i think from dunlop as well. But jazz III hands down. I only use the wedex bluegrass when I'm feeling a bit more aggressive and don't care so much for volume control or tone.

I am picky on sound and the combo of strings, instrument and these picks for me is a keeper for all time. Really hands down the most enjoyable pick, couldn't say enough.

Hope this helps.
Prossound feel no percussive sound cost
Conswears out eventually
By Branislav
White Plains, NY
December 9, 2014
My favorite Jazz III
I've tried pretty much all jazz III variations from dunlop and many other makers. These are one of my favorites. Ultex is very strong material and doesn't flex almost at all. It makes the sound clearer, almost piano like, compared to other jazz III I've tried. Edges are smooth and beveled, so there's no picking noise, but they still have enough bite for any playing style, electric or acoustic guitar.
By dave
November 19, 2014
controll issues
I have been using standard teardrops for decades...just tried some of these and i'm floored at the difference of pick control and speed is over...w/the eric johnsons and these...the III series do look the same but absolutely have there places in tonal preference.something so simple could make this much of a
Proscontrol speed sensitivity
Consslightly stiff...but not to a fault so much.
Houston, TX
June 19, 2014
Right now, they're my pick of choice.
I'm very picky (no pun intended) about my picks. These suckers have the tone, feel and playability that suits me just fine right now.
I really, really like them.
ProsGrip, tone. Really like Ultex.
ConsAs with most Jazz IIIIs, they're a little smaller than I like.
By Andrew
May 16, 2014
Best pick material I tried so far
It really is durable, the size may be too small for those with the big fingers, but you can really feel the guitar under your fingertips. They're also bright in terms of the sound, nice attack in the high-frequency range, and the low-end they produce is just huge.
Great picks but a little too thick for my taste.
ProsSound Durability
By Ralph
the forest in southern Ontario
April 1, 2014
They're all good.
I have to agree with Brian from Austin with regard to the feel of these Jazz III picks. They're nasty little things but they force me to be more precise in my playing, and indeed make it easier to play fast, articulate runs. I tried the XL series to see if I could get the same result with a pick whose size is more to my liking but no dice; it seems the size is important. And once you get used to them, regular size picks seem big and clunky. Still, I like the larger picks for strumming.
I don't personally, however see any difference in the tone of any of the Jazz IIIs. The Eric Johnson and Ultex are a bit thinner and, for me, a bit smoother playing, but to my ageing ears they all sound the same.
I wouldn't toss out my nylon, delrin or celluloid picks, they're all good, but for precision you can't beat the Jazz IIIs.
By Liam
Richmond, BC
February 26, 2014
Good Pick, some what bulky
The pick has a good feel and good sound, however I found it a little bulky for my jazz pick liking. Defnitely interesting and worth trying, just not my perfect pick.
ProsGood sound and feel, sturdy, solid tone
Conssomewhat bulky for a jazz pick
By Brian
Austin, TX
September 18, 2013
Nothing is for Everyone - But These are the Best I Have Found
Ultex is my new favorite material for picks. Hard and durable, these picks are nearly industructable and wear down so slowly I can barely detect it. Very hard and thick, they force a player to exercise more control over attack - but this good, and the reward is a distinctly noticeable expansion of tonal palette and expression.

The same can be said for the size and shape. To be honest, I *hate* the way they feel. I'm used to the larger "standard" guitar pick - it's what I grew up playing. But I trust my dislike will fade over time as I grow accustomed to playing with them. Despite my reaction to how it feels to hold and play with this small, hard, thick and pointy pick, I feel compelled to go back to it again and again. Because I just *play* better when I use them. Not right away - I have to adjust to it, but that is what the design of these Jazz III picks does - it forces you to employ better, more refined mechanics. Or it does me, anyway. It has to be held correctly, or there will be no pick tip sticking out and pointed in the right direction. The hand and wrist position must be correct, or you simply cannot play. And again, the reward for the initial annoyance in an improvement in the sound and fluidity of my playing. I suppose you could call it a love/hate relationship at this point...but I keep coming back to them because, dammit, it just *sounds* better and my playing improves.

For anyone who never thought the pick makes all that much difference one way or the other, as long as it didn't split or break, you may find yourself very surprised. Make no mistake though, this material is *very* hard. When you drop these things onto a hard surface, they make a distinctive little "tink" that sounds like a chip of stone. But I defy you to wear one out in less than six could be done I'm sure, but we all need to sleep at some point...
ProsMaterial - feel, durability, sound Shape and Size
ConsThat it's such a great pick...because I *have* to use them, and I still hate the way they feel. Hopefully that will pass.

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