Gibson Guitar Strings

Gibson Strings

Every guitar has a body, but strings give it soul. Gibson invented the first metal guitar strings in 1927, so they've spread a lot of soul. Whether played on Gibson guitars or another brand, the large selection of Gibson guitar strings available at Strings and Beyond will help you play some truly soulful music.

For your electric guitar, Gibson returned to traditional construction and produced the Gibson Vintage Reissue Pure Nickel String, which uses a high-quality Swedish steel hex core and wraps it with pure nickel wire for warm, full tones. Strings and Beyond also offers the Les Paul Pure Nickel-Wound Signature Series and the B.B. King Pure Nickel Signature Series electric guitar strings. Gibson created these special Gibson guitar strings with input from those legendary artists. The company that invented the humbucking pickup has also created the Humbucker Special Alloy-Wound Electric Guitar Strings. These Gibson strings have been optimized for humbuckers and use a wrap wire made of an alloy with high iron content.

Gibson Masterbuilt Premium Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings are made specifically for Gibson Montana's flattop guitars and provide a warm, expressive tone.