GHS Nickel Rockers Electric Guitar Strings R+EJL Custom Light 10-50

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**These GHS Nickel Rocker Sets were formerly know as the Eric Johnson Signature Series**

Get the signature richness in sound and virtuosity that the professionals are known for with GHS Nickel Rockers Rollerwound Pure Nickel Electric Guitar Strings from Strings and Beyond. These electric guitar strings come in custom light or custom medium with different gauges. They also feature a round, pure nickel cover which is slightly flattened by metal rollers during the winding process. This makes the sound of the strings bright and crisp as well as comfortable for your hands so you can slide, explode or whatever you desire with ease. Their versatility makes them good for almost any electric guitar.

Made in the highest quality since 1964, it is no wonder that the GHS strings are the top choice of many renowned guitar artists all over the world. For questions about this product, contact Customer Service at Strings and Beyond and let us help you. Order your GHS Nickel Rockers Rollerwound Pure Nickel Electric Guitar Strings Light from Strings and Beyond today.

R+EJL Custom Light 10-13-18-26-38-50

R+EJM Custom Medium 11-14-19-28-40-52