Galli Genius Classical Guitar Strings


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Galli GR55 Genius Classical Guitar Strings Light Tension Galli Genius nylon strings are carefully formulated using a new clear nylon compound. The musical results are superior volume, warmth, clarity and intonation over other traditional nylon strings - rounder focused trebles, deeper richer basses - concert strings applauded by discriminating professionals for their outstanding beauty and refinement of sound. The Genius nylon treble strings are clear, musical and have great projection. The third string is bright and focused, not tubby or weak. The basses possess a depth and richness that compliment cedar and spruce top guitars equally well. They are also less prone to noisy left hand shift squeaks. Overall, the entire set responds unusually fast to expressive changes in color and articulation. And once in tune, these strings stay in tune very well. Galli Genius Nylon treble sets come with bass sets featuring Galli's unique Pro-Coated polymer process, further assuring superior quality and richness of sound.