Fred Kelly Bumblebee Teardrop Picks - Large

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The Fred Kelly Bumblebee Teardrop guitar pick provides far more versatility than most picks because it is a unique combination of a flat pick and thumb pick combined into one. The loop on the Bumblebee is fully adjustable and can be rotated, so you can use the pick in a variety of ways and adapt it to your individual playing style. The pick is made of Dupont's Delrin material, which is known for being both stiff and offering low friction, so the Bumblebee provides a soft and natural sound on your guitar�s strings. The Bumblebee comes in two different shapes, Jazz and Teardrop, and two different sizes, regular and large. The Bumblebee Teardrop is available in light, medium, heavy and extra heavy and the bright yellow and black colors earn its name and are as unique as the design.

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