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Fender Strap Blocks 4 Pack

Item# FEN_0990819000
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Item Description

Fender Strap Blocks 4 Pack - An inexpensive alternative to strap locks.

This 4-pack features hard rubber strap blocks to keep your strap from accidentally slipping at an inopportune time. Includes two black and two red. Just slip your strap over the strap button and then secure it in place with the block.


Review Summary
7 Reviews
57% (4)
29% (2)
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14% (1)
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86% Recommend this product (6 of 7 responses)
By Darren
St Catharines, Ontario
Great alternative to straplocks
October 10, 2019
These do the job just fine if you're not about to swing your guitar around your head. In that case I'd suggest you don't or use something much more 'permanent' like a washer.
  • Easy to use, relatively cheap.
  • The red ones can be a bit of an eyesore depending on the colour of the strap and / or guitar. On my red ES 335 they look fine. On my gold top LP not so much.
  • I've experienced where a thick leather strap end can force them off. Perhaps they could benefit from being a little more rigid.
By Clay
perfect for the step button.
April 2, 2018
I find these are excellent for the strap button on the neck but won't fit over the jack endpin very well on my guitars at least. Still a good purchase!
By Walt
Loveland, CO
Well its a Rubber washer
February 17, 2018
Works, But keep an eye on it. They can pop off. Works better on a input jack of your Acoutic/ can also just go to the Hardware store and do the same. but for a couple bucks.... you decide.....;^)
  • Works on certain end pins
  • Doesn't work on all end pins
By Larry
Plainwell, MI
Really Good Idea - Needs Different material
February 9, 2018
These strap locks are so simple, a great idea - BUT one caveat, the material they are made of easily becomes brittle and cracks or splits. I have used about a dozen of them, and they have all split in about 1-2 years. A better solution, like these, is the old "Grolsch" beer bottle rubber ring. Or, just get some of those seals/rings in bulk = about $12 for 100. They're much more pliable, and last a Long time! I love Fender, love these locks - but can not highly recommend them because of their failure rate - purely because of cracking/splitting. A softer, more rubbery, material may be the answer.
  • Work great - do the job well.
  • Will only last 1-2 years tops - they then crack or split.
By sudharsanam
Chennai, tamilnadu
Cheap and Relaiable
July 24, 2017
I don't rely on strap locks but just wanted to try them and it works great!
  • Cheap, good quality
  • I find it a little hard to put it in my Musicman
By Curtis
Calgary, AB
Good alternative on a budget
November 11, 2015
I am a firm believer in strap locks on all guitars, with Schallers being my favourite. That being said, there are times when I run out of the strap pins, and there are some guitars (like my camp guitars) which simply don't warrant a lot of extra investment.

In those cases, the Fender Strap Blocks are a good middle ground. I like them better than the Dunlop plastic rotating ones, as I have had those come apart on me. The Strapblocks fit nice and tight, are easy to install, and cheap enough to cheap a couple of spare sets in your gig bag.

That being said, I don't know that I'd entrust a $1k+ guitar to these things, a more substantial system would be warranted in that case. I also wouldn't try any guitar spins with these as I don't think they'd hold, then again, if guitar spins is your thing, I guess whatever happens happens.
  • Affordable, robust
  • Don't think they'd hold up to too much abuse.
By Mark
Oyen, AB
Affordable alternative
May 17, 2014
I purchased these as a backup for my plastic Dunlop strap blocks. I haven't had to use them yet, but they're exactly what I was looking for and it's nice to know they're in my case should I need them in a jam. For the price I don't think you can go wrong having a few spares around.
  • Affordable, practical
  • No color options

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