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Ernie Ball Strings

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      Ernie Ball strings are legendary. In the mid-1950s, musician and entrepreneur Ernie Ball opened the world's first electric guitar store in California and became a pioneer of custom strings. His inspiration came from his early beginnings as a guitar teacher, when he found that his students were having trouble playing with the thickly gauged strings of that time. He loved improving upon existing products and because of his innovations, Ernie Ball guitar strings are now considered to be among the finest in the world. He first introduced the Super Slinky electric guitar strings in 1962, and the long list of artists who have used and endorsed these strings reads like a Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame lineup: Paul McCartney, Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Keith Richards, Aerosmith, Slash, Jeff Beck and Pete Townshend, to name just a few.

      The original Slinky line comes in a long list of options, so you're sure to find the right string for your sound: regular, extra, hybrid, skinny top/heavy bottom, beefy, 6-string baritone and more. All Slinky strings are nickel wound and offer a wide range of gauges for your instrument. There are also titanium-reinforced coated Slinky strings for extra vibrancy and a longer life, as well as round wound cobalt electric bass strings for greater sustainability, better clarity and extra punch. Ernie Ball bass strings also come in a wide range of gauges for different tastes and are round wound. At Strings and Beyond, we also have Ernie Ball classical and folk nylon strings, Slinky acoustic guitar strings and the Earthwood acoustic guitar series.

      Why Buy Ernie Ball Strings Online?

      Buy Ernie Ball strings from Strings and Beyond for the best value and selection. Whether you're looking for Ernie Ball single strings or you simply want the best acoustic guitar strings, Ernie Ball makes them - and we carry them. Not sure which Ernie Ball strings you need? Trying to find Ernie Ball custom gauge strings? Contact us for friendly, knowledgeable help. We're committed to helping musicians make the most of their talent and artistry. Whether you're embarking on your first guitar lesson or you're a seasoned performer, the extensive inventory, great service and fast shipping at Strings and Beyond will take you further.