Dunlop Tortex Wedge Guitar Picks 424 Blue 1.00mm 12 Pack

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There is nothing worse than having a guitar pick fly out of your hand mid-song. When you play hard, you need a tough guitar pick. 'The Wedge' Guitar Picks by Jim Dunlop are sold through Strings and Beyond at affordable prices. These guitar picks are made especially for hard playing so they are non-slip and sturdy. Choose from a variety of different types of Jim Dunlop picks, from the Tortex TIII to the Planet Waves Thumb Picks. Gator Grips are the most aggressive, non-slip picks. In addition to being impossible to drop, their beveled edges are made for positive attack and quick string release.

If you have questions about Jim Dunlop 'The Wedge' Guitar Picks, call or email Customer Service at Strings and Beyond. Don't let your slippery pick stop you from being able to play your best. Order your set of Jim Dunlop 'The Wedge' Guitar Picks in a bag of 72 from Strings and Beyond today.

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