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Dunlop Acoustic Guitar Pick Variety PVP112 12 Pack

Item# DUN_PVP112
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Item Description

Looking to change up your acoustic guitar tone? The Dunlop Acoustic Guitar Pick Variety Pack is the best place to start your experiment. Choose this 12-count variety pack for a selection of picks that will complement the tone and playability of acoustic guitars, ukuleles and basses. From warm Nylon to bright Ultex, this pack has all you need to refine your unplugged sound.
Each Dunlop PVP112 Acoustic Guitar Pick Variety Pack includes one each of these picks:

  • Ultex .60mm
  • Tortex .60mm
  • Tortex .73mm
  • Tortex .88mm
  • Tortex Flex .73mm
  • Tortex Flex .88mm
  • Shell Celluloid Thin
  • Shell Celluloid Medium
  • Nylon .60mm
  • Nylon .73mm
  • Nylon .88mm
  • Herco Flex 50

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  • PVP102 - Medium/Heavy 12-Pack - Includes: Tortex .88mm, Tortex 1.0mm, Ultex Sharp .90mm, Ultex Sharp 1.14mm, Celluloid Shell (Heavy), Nylon Jazz III (Red), Nylon Standard .88mm, Nylon Standard 1.0mm, Max-Grip .88mm, Max-Grip 1.14mm, Gator Grip .96mm and Gator Grip 1.14mm.
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  • PVP117 - Bass Variety - Includes: 450R.96 Primegrip Delrin, 431R1.14 Tortex Fin, 426R1.14 Ultex Tri, 456R1.0 Flex Tri, 449R1.0 Max-Grip and 418R.73 Tortex.
  • PVP118 - Shred Variety - Includes: 433R2.0 Ultex Sharp, 412R1.5 Tortex Sharp, 558R.88 Tortex Flow, 558R1.0 Tortex Flow, 549R1.5 Flow, 549R2.0 Flow, 471R35 Max-Grip Jazz III Black, 450R1.5 Primegrip Delrin 500, 450R2.0 Primegrip Delrin 500, 47RXLS Jazz III XL Stiffo, 427R1.38 Jazz III Ultex and 471R3C Max-Grip Jazz III Carbon Fiber.
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Dunlop Acoustic Guitar Pick Variety PVP112 12 Pack

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