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DR Tite-Fit Nickel Plated Electric Guitar Strings

Buy Discount DR Tite-Fit Nickel Plated Electric Guitar Strings On Sale Online and Save
DR Tite-Fit Nickel Plated Electric Guitar Strings
DR Tite-Fit Nickel Plated Electric Guitar Strings
DR Tite-Fit Nickel Plated Electric Guitar Strings
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Item Description

DR Tite-Fit round-wound nickel-plated electric guitar strings are designed to be a great all-around string. They are available in a wide range of gauges. Based upon a round core, the construction techniques for the Tite-Fit electrics are very old. However, the core wire and wrap wire in DR's are the latest, most advanced and expensive metals available. For flexibility, for tone, for long life; for rock, blues, heavy metal, jazz.. Tite-Fits are an incredible all-around string.
MT-10 Med-Tite 10 13 17 26 36 46
LLT-8 Lite 8 11 16 24 30 38
LT-9 Lite-Tite 9 11 16 24 32 42
LH-9 Lite-Heavy 9 11 16 26 36 46
HT-9.5 Half-Tite 9.5 11.5 16 24 34 44
JH-10 Jeff Healey 10 14 18 32 44 56
BT-10 Big-n-Heavy 10 13 17 30 44 52
MH-10 Med-Heavy 10 13 17 28 38 50
EH-11 Heavy 11 14 18 28 38 50
JZ-12 Jazz 12 15 24 32 42 52
MEH-13 Mega-Heavy 13 17 26 36 46 56
LT7-9 7 String Lite 9 11 16 24 32 42 52
MT7-10 7 String Medium 10 13 17 26 36 46 56
EH7-11 7 String Heavy 11 14 18 28 38 50 60
TF8-10 8 String Medium 10 13 17 26 36 46 56 75
TF8-11 8 String Heavy 11 14 18 26 36 46 56 80


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By Jeffrey
Winston-Salem, NC
November 19, 2017
The strings with the best tone I have heard
I play metal, and I have sampled about 16 different string packs (stainless steel and nickel-wound) from about 10 different brands, and these are simply the best I have heard. I used the 10-52 set, and these are round core, so I was expecting them to sound similar to GHS strings, but that is not the case at all. These are the most harmonically rich strings I have played, and they sound incredibly smooth. Excellent sustain when playing chords, and they ring out as clear as a bell. If you are recording with these strings, the extra $1 more than d'addarios, ernie balls, etc is definitely worth it. The difference is night and day. I have read from some reviews on other websites that you can get "duds", or strings that aren't even in the winding, and do not intonate well. I have only ever used 2 packs, and I did not have that problem. These are handmade after all, and that is their main selling point. I suppose it comes with the territory, but honestly it's probably worth it if you are recording and want the best tone possible. You can get DR singles as well if you need to replace one
ProsBest tone I have ever heard
Consnothing wrong with these strings from my experience
By Tully
Edmonton, AB
October 13, 2015
Great tone and gauge for 8 strings set, poor durability
Looking for an 8 string set that goes to 0.080" for the low F#/E string? This set has great gauges for each string and the low 0.080" works well for tuning to E. You'll be enjoying the tone for sure, just don't expect it to last more long! In comparison to the D'Addario equivalents these have better gauges for me, but only last half to a third the time.
ProsGreat Tone Great Gauge Selection
ConsPoor durability in comparison to competition
By Emil
Skien, Norway
November 8, 2014
Great tone, long durability!
I really like the tone of these strings, and they keep their tone for quite a while. In my Ibanez Apex2, these strings laster for almost 4 weeks without going dead. For me, though, a .60 B strings doesen't quite cut it (I tune to drop A), and I really wish they would make a .62 version or something like that.
ProsGreat tone, lasts for a long time!
ConsThey should make a version with a heavier B string!
By Enrico
Ferrara, Emilia Romagna
April 4, 2014
Great all around strings. Love them
I've been using these strings for years now. I recently moved from 0.11 to 0.10 and I have to say these strings maintain their full sounds also with a lighter gauge, and the feeling is great too. I play in different band with different styles, from alternative rock to blues rock and funky and honestly these strings cover it all.
Prosfeeling, stability, sound.
ConsI don't give these 5 stars only because 2or 3 times I had a bad pack and the strings really struggled to stay in tune. I have to say it happened very rarely though.
By tom21962
San Antonio, Texas
February 13, 2014
I have been using these strings, in 10-46, for 2 years. I had originally been using slinky's, but I was always having some kind of fret noise, or bending, when I played a little harder. My Les Paul was taken to a very good tech, who gave it a fret job and polish and suggested I try these, because they didnt vibrate all over the place when played hard. Besides the action improvement, the strings also felt better, to me. They are round and full and the 1st and 2nd strings, don't sound thin and shrill. My understanding is that, they have a little more tension, maybe because of a thinner core wire, so they are tighter and it sounds great. I am guessing since I really dont remember all the tech stuff after 2 years. But, the tightness is not at all noticable. The stings are still right at 10-46, just like it says. Give 'em a try.
ProsPrice and availability.

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