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D'Addario Chromes Flat Wound Electric Guitar Strings

Buy Discount D'Addario Chromes Flat Wound Electric Guitar Strings On Sale Online and Save
D'Addario Chromes Flat Wound Electric Guitar Strings
D'Addario Chromes Flat Wound Electric Guitar Strings
D'Addario Chromes Flat Wound Electric Guitar Strings
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Item Description

When you need electric guitar strings that are good for playing jazz in particular, go with the D'Addario Chromes Flat Wound Electric Guitar Strings from Strings and Beyond. Having gotten rave reviews from jazz guitar greats such as John Scofield, these strings are reliable and guaranteed to satisfy your musical needs. These strings have a mellow and warm tone that is perfect for jazz. They are made with flattened stainless steel ribbon wire which makes them have a polished, smooth and easy feel for your hands. Each D'Addario string is precisely wound around a hexagonal high-carbon steel core wire by computer-controlled machines. This guarantees clear intonation, solid fundamentals and excellent consistency in every string. The core tension is tight because of rigorous controlled process that results in a longer-lasting and harmonically rich string.

Order your D'Addario Chromes Flat Wound Electric Guitar Strings from Strings and Beyond today.

ECG23 Extra Light 10-14-20w-28-38-48
ECG24 Jazz Light 11-15-22w-30-40-50
ECG25 Light 12-16-24w-32-42-52
ECG26 Medium 13-17-26w-35-45-56

D'Addario has incorporated Corrosion Intercept Technology with their environmentally friendly packaging to insure your strings are green, and fresh for the pickin'!

The application of Corrosion Intercept Technology, developed by Lucent Technologies' Bell Labs, is the most significant development in string packaging since D'Addario pioneered the environmental string package in 1992. Each Corrosion Intercept bag employs a plastic which contains a gas-neutralizing barrier in the polymer matrix. This barrier reacts with and neutralizes gasses which cause materials to tarnish, guaranteeing that your D'Addario strings are as fresh and tarnish-free as the day we packaged them. Since Corrosion Intercept bags are both environmentally friendly and completely recyclable, they'll keep our planet untarnished as well.

Also, as a result of D'Addario's Player's Points Program, several tons of packaging redeemed for D'Addario gear gets systematically recycled every year.

All D'Addario packaging is either produced from recycled materials or is completely recyclable.

Al Schnier of Moe talks about D'Addario's environmentally friendly packaging.


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86% Recommend this product (6 of 7 responses)
By Vincent
Aledo, TX
November 23, 2017
Great Strings I wish they sold them in bulk packs
I use the flat wounds and half rounds on most all of my instruments. I still use some D'Addario 10-46 round wounds on some of my guitars but most of the time I prefer the flat wound or half round strings. The flat wounds seem to last a long, long time, especially if you wipe them down and keep them clean. I know some of the reviews complain about them becoming dull, but I haven't had that problem. I wipe them down after playing and occasionally use a scotch brite pad to buff them and then wipe them down again. This seems to bring back the shiny chrome look to the strings and keeps them (in my opinion) looking and playing better for a longer period of time. They are a little pricy and I do wish they would come in bulk packs like some of the other strings do. That might save me some money in the long run. I change my strings pretty regularly and that can get expensive. Just make sure that you adjust the intonation on the strings after you put them on. They are a heavier string and will need some "tuning in" if you are not use presently using a heavier string on your instrument.
ProsNo squeak or noise when changing chords or sliding up and down on a string. Great mellow sound. Work very well on oldies rock and rockabilly style music.
ConsNo complaints so far, and I've been using them for years.
By Bernie
Farmington, NY
October 10, 2017
Cool strings
These are very nice strings. I have these on my Gretsch and I love the way they feel. They have a silky feel to them
ProsGood feel Good tone Good life
By Ze Rubens
Sao Paulo, Brazil
October 4, 2016
They last forever!
Firstly, they are beautiful. Very bright. It's not really important, but it's a point.

Secondly, they last forever. Probably you will change just top E and B strings 2 or 3 times before change all the set.

Besides that, have some things in your mind:

The timbre of your guitar WILL change. It will be fat and with a lot of body. I use it in a vintage Fender Coronado (acoustic-electric) and I have never expected it sounds better than with this strings. It's unique. When I changed the Chromes set for a pure nickel set (because Chromes in Brazil costs almost 50 USD), my guitar "lost a lot of weight". It has returned to sound like a strat (which is good as well, but very different). So, have that in mind but don't expect that fattier and bodier sound will be texas/SRV sound. It's more to jazz/chicago/BB King sound, ok?

Even though it is a 010 set, it's different of a round wound 010. It feels more like 011 set. Yes, it's havier. It's harder to do big bends and maybe you will have to adjust your guitar neck tensor, which is not rocket science.

The G string is flat wounded AS WELL. So if you have never tried this set before, you will need some practice to understand its feel. But since you get it, probably you will aprove it.

I think it's worth a try. Certainly.
ProsLasts forever. Fat and rich jazz/Chicago blues-like sound.
ConsYou can need to adjust your guitar and the way you play.
By Dan
Halifax, NS
July 19, 2016
Chromes saved my guitar!
One of my guitars always had a high trebly tone no matter what I did - pickups and pot changes did little. I put the Chromes on and FINALLY a nice mellow/warm tone!
ProsFeel great, no noise when sliding D'Addario = long life-time Amazing tone - mellow but all the notes are still clear
By Robert
St Agnes, South Australia
May 11, 2016
Glorious Flatwounds!
I tried these flat wound strings a few years ago. I have been using them ever since. If I don't use these, I use pure nickel. The strings are silent when moving your fingers up and down the string. They last for ages and stay sounding great.
ProsNo finger sliding noise. Last for a long time.
ConsExpensive compared to regular round wound strings. Can "look" dull after a while.
By Alice
Moscow, Russia
February 10, 2016
Surprisingly great strings
For years I've been staying away from flatwounds, thinking they will sound dull and muffled, but these D'Addario's Chromes proved me wrong. The sound is open and smooth, transparent and strong. My semi-electric never had a better string set installed
ProsGreat sound, smooth feel.Excellent for both chords and single lines.
ConsPrice tag. Also, wouldn't recommend these for styles that involve a lot of bending, unless you replace the 3rd string with unwound plain steel.
By Kirk Butler
July 12, 2010
Some of my favorite strings
I use these on my acoustic / electric and I love them. The smooth polished feeling allows you to glide over the strings and eliminate finger squeak. Unlike some coated strings the polish does not seem to wear off quickly, even when using a pick! I highly recommend them

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