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Aquila 82C Ambra 800 Romantic Guitar Strings

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Item Description

Aquila AMBRA 800® (the synthetic version of the Gut & Silk 800® set)

The sound of two Petitjean Lainč-guitars (Mirecourt, early 19th c.) strung with Supernylgut trebles in gut colour and silk basses Fernando Sor (1778-1839).

Our Ambra 800 set was developed keeping in mind this historical fact, in order to best re-create, by means of modern synthetic materials, the sound of gut and silk -wound basses of the 19 th century. This set was conceived for one grade of tension and consists of rectified -gut coloured New Nylgut® for Trebles, adopting the representative mean diameters as indicated by own researches while for the basses (silvered copper wires wound on Nylgut® multifilament core) we tried to find the right balance between wire and core, which would recreate exactly the typical sound of the wound silk strings of the time.

Gut & Silk 800/Ambra 800 gauge

Note mm

e       .62

b       .79

g       .91

D      1.36 mm equiv gut

A      1.80 mm equiv gut

E       2.30 mm equiv gut


Aquila 82C Ambra 800 Romantic Guitar Strings

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