Aquila 38C Perla Bionylon Silverplated Superior Tension Classical Guitar Strings

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PERLA - Traditional set available in normal tension presenting high overall levels of performance. The first three strings are made of perfectly rounded, smooth, gauged nylon monofilament that possesses excellent acoustic and mechanical properties. The Nylon used for these strings is not from DuPont and sounds better than DuPont. Almost all other brands of Nylon string use essentially the same Nylon, purchased from DuPont. All Nylon is not created equally. The basses, overspun with silver-plated copper, consist of a core of Nylgut multifilament that ensures not only a high resistance to tensile stress but also a low absorption of both atmospheric humidity and perspiration. This makes for rapid and stable intonation, as well as greater durability. Suitable for the highest quality guitars.

38C Aquila Perla Bionylon Silverplated Superior Tension