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Aquila 134C Rubino Series Normal Tension Classical Guitar Strings

Item# AQU_134C
Buy Discount Aquila 134C Rubino Series Normal Tension Classical Guitar Strings On Sale Online and Save
Aquila 134C Rubino Series Normal Tension Classical Guitar Strings
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Item Description


A unique look and a strong, consistent sound.

Until now, it was necessary to increase a string’s gauge to reach lower frequencies. But increasing the string’s diameter also increases the internal dampening. That makes the string less bright, less responsive and more muffled: the thicker the string, the duller the sound. 

Our revolutionary new approach —never introduced before us— changes the specific weight of the material, increasing it progressively to leave the gauges almost unchanged as possible is.

The result is amazing: the instrument sounds brighter, more powerful and more responsive through the entire range of the fretboard. The strings also maintain their intonation better (because thicker strings need to be fretted harder, pulling them farther out of tune).

Until now, this result was reached only with harps, where the scale of the strings is continuously varied.

THE RUBINO SERIES sets provide superior performance over traditional strings for musicians who love clear, sharp sounds and powerful voicing across the full scale of the instrument.

You never heard a sound like this before, simply because before it did not exist.



6 Reviews
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By Leo
United States
Great strings
November 8, 2018
These strings work very well with a guitar of mine that was somewhat bass heavy. They bring brightness, clarity, and volume to this guitar.
By rodney w.
United Kingdom
much for your buck
August 15, 2018
What struck me first was the ample length of these strings,the trembles are beautiful,found the basses a little dull..but overall a very good string.
  • plenty of string here.
  • basses could be better.
By Henry Z.
Squaw Valley, CA
These are truly the rubies of the classical string market!
April 18, 2016
I expected a lot and got more. True to their word the Rubino set shines and brings out the crystal clarity of even the bassiest guitars. The tension works well and the lighter Guate bass strings make these a joy to play.
  • I have tried just about every brand of strings, and there are many excellent ones, but from now on these are my favorites. I suffer from a bit of hearing loss and the tone, volume, and clarity that these strings produce really sounds good in ways I can't explain. Gracias Aquila, Gracias!!!
By Tony
New South Wales
Really good
April 15, 2016
I am using Aquila 134C Rubino Series Normal Tension Strings on my classical guitar (GA Series GA5TCE Thinline Classical). I like the sound and the feel. It feels natural to play the strings. I will reorder this string many times.
  • Feels good. Sounds good. Tone strings have good sustain and tone.
  • Bass strings feels sluggish. Could be better. But overall plays well.
By Howdy
Flint Hills, Kansas
Aquila 134C trebles vs bass
November 24, 2015
The Aquila 134 trebles in this set are actually hard tension that I favor while the bass strings are as stated - normal tension. The tone of the trebles are an improvement over thicker (standard nylon and composite) strings, especially the third (G) string. The g has some bend to it but the B and E strings don't. If you stretch the red strings as you wind them on they will come into tune faster and hold tune better.
  • Tone and feel is a plus for the trebles which are thinner compared to conventional nylon or composite strings.
  • bass strings do not match the tension of the trebles, too bad the trebles are not offered as a seperate set.
By Bob H.
Clearwater, FL
Absolutely Superb
November 23, 2015
I put these strings on my Rarmirez Flamenco guitar and I love the brilliant sound they produce. The bass strings have a brassiness to them that makes the instrument sing. They get my highest recommendation.
  • Bass strings have same tight winding from end to end
  • Treble strings are RED
  • Crystal clear, brassy sound

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