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SIT Strings

S.I.T. Guitar Strings

SIT asks: Are you in tune? Brian Marshall of Creed and Robert DeLeo of Stone Temple Pilots are in tune with SIT strings, along with hundreds of other artists who rely on SIT strings.

SIT Power Wound Nickel Plated Electric Guitar StringsSIT Power Groove Pure Nickel Electric Guitar StringsSIT Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar StringsSIT 80/20 Golden Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings
Price: $5.99
Sale: $3.99
Price: $6.49
Sale: $4.95
Price: $6.99
Sale: $4.99
Price: $6.49
Sale: $4.49
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SIT Royal Bronze Fusion Wound Acoustic Guitar StringsSIT Silencer 80/20 Bronze Inverse Wound Acoustic Guitar Strings
Price: $7.99
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Price: $7.49
Sale: $5.95
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For acoustic guitars, SIT’s most popular string is its Phosphor Bronze string with a 92/8 bronze alloy mix wrapped around a hexagonal core. These strings are available in four gauges. The SIT Golden Bronze acoustic guitar strings offer a more common 80/20 copper and zinc mixture as well as our lowest price for SIT strings. A step up is the SIT Royal Bronze Fusion Wound acoustic guitar strings with a 92/8 bronze wrap that is electrically fused to the core wire in the winding process to create a crisp sound that’s also long-lasting. It’s available in three gauges. The newest SIT string is the Silencer 80/20 Bronze Inverse Wound acoustic guitar string. This technically advanced string uses “inverse string winding,” unique to SIT, that compresses the outermost part of the cover wrap while leaving the internal portion of the string intact for a silky feel and powerful sound.

For electric guitars, SIT’s most popular string set is the Power Wound Nickel Plated electric guitar strings, which use a nickel-plated wrap over a hexagonal core wire. The Power Groove Pure Nickel electric guitar strings use the same technology found in the Power Wound strings, but with a pure nickel wrap that works well with older guitars.

Order your SIT strings from Strings and Beyond and count on getting your strings delivered fast. Nearly all orders received before 3 p.m. Eastern time ship the same day. Are you unsure which set of strings is right for you? Browse though our “What guitar strings do I need?” guide and get answers. Or, call us toll-free or send us an e-mail and our knowledgeable staff will answer your questions.

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