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Savarez Guitar Strings

      The long history of Savarez classical guitar strings begins in 1770 in Lyon, France. They began making hand-rectified natural gut strings, and experimented with strings that were metal wound. Strings were also produced from silk and steel, and wound with brass and bronze. Since their early days, Savarez have been industry leaders in string research and development, at the forefront of advanced technology and innovation. When nylon was discovered in the early 1900s, Savarez were the first to use this new material to make guitar strings. They were also the first to offer different tensions of classical guitar strings. Another important discovery was their rectifying process, which creates strings that are perfectly tuned and cylindrical. Savarez strings are recognized as one of the highest quality brands in the world.
      The Savarez 500 Series features Corum bass strings which have an accurate response but are very flexible. These Savarez guitar strings are available with regular nylon, Cristal or KF Alliance trebles. The Cristal strings are made from an improved clear nylon, while the Alliance series is produced from composite monofilament, sometimes called carbon strings. The 520 Series is their most popular, featuring traditional nylon trebles and round wound basses. The 540 Alliance Series features strings made from high-tech synthetic fiber instead of nylon. These strings are known for their quick attack and brilliant tone. The Savarez 570 Series uses monofilament nylon production technology, and are available with polished bass strings to reduce finger noise. Savarez also makes Argentine Gypsy Jazz Acoustic and mandolin strings, both with loop ends.