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Newtone Heritage Acoustic Guitar Strings

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Item Description

The Heritage series strings are nice and light! They feel great and are easy to play. These strings are a completely new range which are designed to have a reduced and virtually equal tension on each string. They are made on Round cores with unique core-to-wrap ratios, so the gauges which match up with some of our standard sets are not the same at all!

Available in three gauges Phosphor Bronze wound:
Light .010 .013 .017wound .023 .032 .043
Light Medium .011 .015 .019w .026 .036 .047
Medium .012 .016 .020w .028 .038 .051


Newtone Heritage Acoustic Guitar Strings
4 Stars based on 5 Review(s)
5 Stars

Newtone Heritage
April 3, 2012
Both my guitar & I are suffering from old age. We're both 30something-double-extra-plus. I bought these strings primarily to compensate for my arthritis, but I find that they also put less stress on the guitar as an added bonus. Given the separations forming at the neck joint and the bridge this was necessary to keep playing the old girl. The tone of the strings is very pleasing, much better than the silk&steel. These don't have the projection (aka loudness) that a standard phosphor bronze string has. They also produce more string excursion due to the lower tension. This leads to fret buzz until you change the setup of the guitar to compenstate. After that they play very easily, just like my beloved strat but with the much more desireable acoustic vibe. If you can get used to the lower sound volume these are really great strings. They've lasted about as long as regular bronze strings as far as I can tell. I change them every 6 months or so whether they need it or not. If you have sore hands from playing these are the ticket. I haven't found any other low tension option worthy of the acoustic sound quality I am willing to accept. Great product for the boomer generation.......

arnold rosen
5 Stars

new heritage
June 8, 2011
I've been playing for guitar for 50 yrs and love these strings. I use the 11's for jazz and the playabilty of these strings is amazing. I've tried just about every other companie's 11's and they all feel like 12's in comparison. The strings have crisp and remarkably rich and warm sound.

Andy Janeczek
1 Stars

Newtone Heritage Mediums
December 18, 2010
Upon stringing up my guitar, a Larrivee acoustic cutaway, I quickly realized that these strings were unusable. Way too tinny and weak acoustically. Luckily I'd also ordered some DA's , at half the price, that are twice the quality of the Newtones. I also experienced a bit of fret buzz, as the Newtones didn't tension up the neck like a heavier string; equally frustrating.

5 Stars

Newtone Heritage
August 17, 2010
Let these beauties sit a couple of days after you string em up..........they take on such a warm tone and as a bonus, they last like a coated string!

5 Stars

Newtone Heritage Acoustic Strings
May 12, 2010
I have a 1968 Vox Country Western acoustic guitar with the original steel strings. Very uncomfortable to play. No matter how much I tried, couldn't play for more than 1/2 hour. Mike Griggs suggested buying these strings and they have made quite a difference in how much I am able to play. They sound great and I am very glad I switched.

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