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Ernie Ball Titanium RPS Reinforced Coated Electric Guitar Strings

Item# EB_31XX
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Item Description

Now your favorite strings last even longer with the Ernie Ball Titanium RPS Reinforced Coated Electric Guitar Strings.

"Titanium's inherent strength prevents string breakage, string slippage, and will keep your strings in tune much better than conventional plain strings. Ernie Ball Coated Slinky's maintain the feel and sound of uncoated sets, combining the added protection with the vibrant tone." -

Ernie Ball Titanium Reinforced Coated Electric Guitar Strings offer a vibrant, long lasting tone, with the Titanium Reinforced Coating. This micro-thin layer of fights decay and corrosive oils from the fingers, giving your strings up to five times longer to live.

The plain strings are also strengthened with a patented winding of titanium wire, making these strings perfect for people who like to break strings.

Extra Slinky 08-11-14-22-30-38
3123 Super Slinky 09-11-16-24-32-42
3122 Hybrid Slinky 09-11-16-26-36-46
3121 Regular Slinky 10-13-17-26-36-46
3115 Skinny Top/Hvy Bottom 10-13-17-30-42-52
3120 Power Slinky 11-14-18p-28-38-48
3127 Beefy Slinky 11-25-22p-30-42-54
3126 Not Even Slinky 12-16-24p-32-44-56

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Ernie Ball Nickel Plain Steel Single Strings

All Ernie Ball strings have hermetically sealed foil packaging that defends your strings from humidity, ensuring fresh tone as if they had been made just for you, right here in the USA. All insert labels are made from 100% recycled materials.

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Product Video

Drew Monteau talks about Ernie Ball Titanium Reinforced Coated Electric Guitar Strings


Ernie Ball Titanium RPS Reinforced Coated Electric Guitar Strings
3 Stars based on 7 Review(s)
Boyan Bo
Sofia, Bulgaria
2 Stars

Not my thing
December 7, 2014
As much as I love and prefer Ernie Ball strings for anything tuned standard and Drop D, I couldn't come to grips with these Coated ones. They felt stiff, were dull-sounding, and ate through my fingertips at an alarming rate.

Wentzville, Mo
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Wonderfull bright tone and longevity.
June 4, 2014
These strings sound absolutley wonderfull. The have a full bright tone and stay alive for a very long time. Normally I will end up changing strings right around 12 hours of play time. With these I have gone as long as 40 hours and beyond. They just do not die. The feel great with the coating on them nad did I mention they sound awesome and last forever. These have become my go to strings for my hollowbodies in 11-46.
Beautiful bright tone Last a real long time Coated strings feel sweet Awesome price for coated strings
They do not offer a wound .18 to use for the g string.

Boyan Bo
Herndon, VA
3 Stars

Not my thing
May 20, 2014
I really gave these puppies a shot - buying and testing three different packs. I know they are touted as "reinforced" but I find them darker sounding the my other preferred EB strings, and also they eat through my finger tips like hungry piranhas. I suppose this is really down to genetics or skin type, or whatever, but the point that I can't play with them. Hopefully they work for other folks
Stable tuning
Feel, Tone, they eat through my fingertips

New South Wales Australia
1 Stars

Not good at all
March 7, 2014
Stringing up with locking tuners and the d string broke in stretching. Titanium reinforce my backside. elixir I am sorry I strayed.
It breaks really easily - really really easily

Oyen, AB
4 Stars

I don't notice a difference
February 14, 2014
They're great strings, but honestly I can't tell the difference between these and the non-titanium version. I string one guitar with these and my other with the regular ones (same gauge), and I'd be lying if I said I could tell you which was which in a blind test. I actually broke these more often, so for me I won't be spending the extra money again.
Great strings
Titanium doesn't seem to make a noticeable difference

2 Stars

Doesn't last
June 7, 2011
It's been only 2 days, and i can literally see the treble strings corrode in front my eyes.

5 Stars

Ernie Ball Titanium Coated RPS strings
February 4, 2010
It has been a long time since I have strung up a new set of strings and fell in love. I always like the original RPS strings but no stores seem to carry them anymore and I don't want to wait for them in the mail. Try these out!

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