DR String Life Liquid Polymer String Coating
DR String Life Liquid Polymer String Coating
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DR String Life Liquid Polymer String Coating

DR String Life Liquid Polymer String Coating

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Polymer coated strings are a great idea. But what if you like the sound of your favorite non-coated strings better? Enter DR's StringLife, an advanced state polymer protectant, a state of the art string treatment system which is the only one of its kind.! The new StringLife Treatment System takes polymer coated guitar strings to a new level by letting players apply the coating to their own strings themselves --- there's no need to switch to another brand of strings just to get the coating! And although most polymer coated sets only coat the wound strings, with StringLife, you can coat every string on your guitar, banjo, mandolin , fiddle, dobro, lap steel --- in other words, if its got strings, you can coat them! Developed by PROTEK, innovators of polymers used throughout the piano industry, StringLife is easily applied to strings with a convenient applicator. It then molecularly bonds to strings, creating a microscopic barrier between sweaty hands and metal strings. StringLife cleans, lubricates and protects strings from corrosion, thereby extending life and reducing breakage. Use it on any steel-stringed instrument to get all the benefits of coated strings with hundreds of applications. StringLife is not made from silicone or oils so it doesn't leave your neck and strings feeling greasy! Used on new strings to extend their life, StringLife can also rejuvinate tone on older strings and make them feel playable again. The StringLife Treatment System can also be used on the neck, nut and bridge, and regular use on your fretboard can reduce fretwear!
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DR String Life Liquid Polymer String Coating
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