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Snark HZ-1 Hertz Clip-On Tuner

Item# SNK_HZ-1
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Item Description

The New Snark HZ-1 Impeccable Tuning for ALL Acoustic, Electric & Bass Guitars!  Tune to Hertz frequencies for astonishing accuracy!

Tunes TIGHTER!  So You Sound BETTER!


Hertz Tuning for Outstanding Accuracy!

Super Fast! Bright & Crisp Display!

View from Any Angle.

Unbreakable “Stay Put” Clip


6 Reviews
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17% (1)
17% (1)
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By Steven
Valley Center, CA
Like the clip
June 15, 2021
Better than other snarks clip, don't use to hz function, too complicated.
By Ken S.
Norwalk, CA
Nice Unit but....
September 10, 2020
I reviewed this unit a couple of years ago and I've had to change my mind about it. While I still really like this tuner, it appears that there is a design flaw where the pivot ball meets the clip.

I've had two of them break on me when dropped just a very short distance onto a plastic chair mat. Both units broke at exactly the same place... where the pivot ball of the tuner mates to the clip. Another reviewer here noted the same thing. Also once it breaks, it is not easily repaired. This is not a good selling point...

While the tuner itself functions well be aware that it is fragile. Maybe a drop of a light oil at the pivot/clip "might" prevent this, it might not. Beware before you buy!!
  • Bright display, compact design, easy to read and quite accurate.
  • Tends to break where the tuner pivot mates to the clip. Not easily repaired once broken.
By Jim
Rockville, Maryland
Best tuner out there
January 12, 2020
Don't even use the hz function, just use it like a regular tuner. Small, light attractive and DAMAGE FREE to your headstock, unlike the others with grippy rubber pads. This one has flat rubber pads that will not mar your finish.
  • Nice looking
  • small
  • damage free rubber pads
  • works well
By Pete
Brisbane, Australia
Great tuner
August 1, 2019
Has an upgraded clamp with a larger surface area that reads the tone quickly and accurately. Easy to read, bright screen compared to any others. Fits on my electric, acoustic, banjo and Traveler guitar (great guitar with no headstock at all). Don’t use the hertz feature at all. Doesn’t need it unless you are very fussy.
  • Very quick to use, great screen. Cheap, buy em by the handful. Put one on each guitar, give em to my mates.
  • I managed to break one. Weak spot is the swivel point between the tuner and its clamp. Not a biggy.
By Pedro
Valparaiso, Valparaiso
Very bad compared to other Snark products.
July 2, 2016
Well, first of all. The hertz system is very uncomfortable to use, it only works for standard tuning, and in the correct order. If you break that order by mistake, it stops and you have to start again.
Also, the clip is less complex, having fewer parts, meaning that it is less likely to break, but it is less adaptive. It won't fit right in a slotted headstock, and will tend to slip
All in all, it's not a terrible tuner in itself, if you play non slotted headstocks and only in standard tuning it might be okay, but I don't see any reason to buy this instead of other good Snark tuners, like the SN-8, for instance.
  • Clip slips in slotted headstocks.
  • Hertz system is useless.
By Brooks
Bozeman, MT
HZ only works for Guitar in Std. tuning
May 18, 2016
Tried this out at the music store, after reading the directions (mandatory). The hertz function is limited: you must tune your guitar in standard tuning. you must tune the lowest pitch string first, then the others in order ie. 6th to 1st. Thus, the tuner won't work for a) other instruments, b) alternate tunings. Totally failed for banjo, for instance (attempted before I read the instructions). The normal Snark colored bars are not limited, only the hertz function. So, if you are trying to tune a guitar in standard tuning, you can use the colored bars or hertz. Otherwise, the hertz does not detect frequency. Too bad.
  • All instrument tuning for colored bars method only.
  • Not an all instrument tuner for the hertz function.

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