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Red Brand Copper Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings

Item# RED_73XX
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Item Description

Red Brand Copper Bronze Strings. The first brand of Copper Bronze acoustic guitar strings in the world. With the highest copper content of any acoustic guitar strings - more than 80/20 strings, more than phosphor bronze strings - Red String provide precise articulation, a louder sound, greater projection and a warmer, richer tone from the moment you tune 'em up. There hasn't been a signficant new material introduced for acoustic guitar strings in 35 years until now!
7311 Extra Light - 11-15-24-32-42-52
7312 Light - 12-16-25-33-43-53
7323 Bluegrass 12-16-25-36-46-56
7313 Medium - 13-17-26-36-46-56


15 Reviews
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By Steve
July 22, 2017
Very warm
I have been playing a long time and have played A LOT of guitars. Kind of like wine tasting to me. Just got back from an all day tasting in Nashville. These strings will warm up a crashy guitar and mellow it out. If you like the sound of an old Gibson (which some people will call dark and muddy), give these a try
By Amanda
Roy, WA
June 8, 2016
Red Brand Copper Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings
These strings sounded great on my 70's Takamine jumbo! I'm hoping they continue to make these as they fit a niche all their own. Not for every guitar I think as they take a bit to settle in.
By Phil
June 5, 2014
Terrible on a Gibson LG2
G string is impossible to get into tune. Went from brash to nearly silent after an hour of play. Put them on a week ago, cutting them off tonight. Not worth the hype or the price. No string separation. Nothing good to say. I'll stick to Western Folks if I want to pay this much money.
By Curtis
Juneau, Alaska
August 28, 2013
Good strings but overpriced
Tried a set of 12's on my Seagull S.W.S. and was all around satisfied. I didn't have as much trouble as others seem to with intonation/staying in tune...... though I do pull on all new strings fairly hard when stringing my guitar and repeat a few times after tuning. Mostly, though, the projection seemed to die down more after a few weeks and they sounded rather flat to me. Other reputable strings like Curt Mangan and John Pearse seem to project and really sing in that 800-2000 hz range after a couple weeks. These ones, not so much. If they were half the price, I would keep a few sets around for an occasional change of tone. Otherwise, I don't think I'll spend the money on them again.
ProsLoose tension. A little easier on the fingers. Bright tone and fairly balanced frequency response.
ConsCost. The middle frequencies start to fade out after a few weeks.
By Leng
Menomonie, Wisconsin
November 30, 2012
The *%$@^&%*^ G-string.
I bought a medium set and put it on my Seagull S6 original. I had some issues with it staying in tune for the first half hour but eventually the strings calmed down and settled in. This was the point where i noticed something had gone seriously awry. Everything sounded fine, except for the G. It was super dead. Frankly, it sounded like how a feedback loop sounds. I could hear the G but also the high G and other muddy tones. All the other strings rang out beautifully but that G string sounded like cow manure mud. After fiddling with it and reading up on forums on what to do I just gave up on it, took it out, and put back in the medium phosphor bronze G string from my previous set. Now it sings gloriously, no intonation problems at all. I was worried it was my guitar but really, it was just that crappy crappy G string itself. 4 stars because the rest of the strings are absolutely gorgeous.
Prosthe rest of the set sounds amazing on my dreadnought. rich and warm and full.
Consthe G string. they should just sell the set with a phosphor bronze G string. that thing is garbage.
By Philippe Tremblay
January 19, 2012
music teacher
Reading the negative reviews about these strings makes me think of the times I used some real bad strings in the past. I've been playing guitar for forty years and tried countless types and brands of strings. One thing to keep in mind is that these strings are made of almost solid copper giving an extremely warm tone which I've never heard before, even more than phosphor bronze. I've had them on for a month and they still sound good. I play mostly fingerstyle and use a pick sometimes but if I would always strum excessively hard string life will be short with this metal. Remember, a deep warm tone doesn't mean the strings are no good or worn, it's just the sound they produce. If it's brightness you want use 80/20 bronze. What Red Brand claims about their strings is true but maybe the sound is not what everyone wants. If you do mostly fingerstyle these stings are for you.
By John
December 12, 2011
Red extra lights
Something must be wrong with these strings and Larrivee guitars. My lone acoustic is an LSV-11, and I had the same problems others did, the D/G, and sometimes B string just sounded completely dead. After coming from the TI-plectrum which was a very low tension string, these are more difficult to play, and also more dull sounding.
By Gary Slippert
August 9, 2011
Reds, Extra light an Excelant String
I have these strings on my Martin OM. I haven't liked a string so much in years. They remind me of a string I used in the early seventies made by Goya. For me they last as long as any string I use. They take about a week to reach their full potential. They do not sound like any modern string on the market today. I sure hope they keep making them.
By Andy
June 13, 2011
Couldn't wait to get these off my guitar
I was intrigued by the copper/bronze but after putting them on my Larrivee I couldn't wait to take them off. I forced myself to leave them on a week. Finally, I couldn't stand it any longer and removed them and threw them in the trash. Maybe they work better on other guitars. Seems like the G & D strings were completely dead.
By Bryan
May 27, 2011
Red Mediums
I may not be able to handle the computer rating system :) but I reiterate - these strings are terrible.
By Bryan
May 27, 2011
Red Brand - Mediums
I put a set on my L'Arrivee D-60 (Rosewood Dread) and was extremely disappointed. For some reason the G-string was especially bad. It stuck out like a sore thumb while flatpicking. Fingerstyle was no better. Strumming was OK b/c it just blended into the background. Based on my experience and the other reviews I've read here, save yourself the time/trouble/money of dealing with these finicky strings.
By j
May 9, 2011
red strings
Loved the Reds on my Rosewood/Adi dread; they made the guitar more of what makes it great - vibrant, powerful, rich, lush. They do need more than 10 minutes of play before they settle into their zone. Didn't love them on my Mahogony/Adi dread. That guitar's primary strength is a direct, clean, fundamental tone. I like nickel strings better on that guitar. I didn't have any of the durability problems mentioned by others.
By will vossen
July 26, 2010
Red Brand
Play on a Maton Tommy Emmanuel. Red Brand fantastic strings. Very light and bright.
By Bill Braucksiek
February 19, 2010
Red Brand Strings
Used on both a BC Rich B-28 and a Taylor GC 712 (cedar top). Great sound, lot of volume BUT they do not hold up the copper windings are to soft and get beat up on the frets, if you have money to burn or you can write off the cost there worth it. One other thing they are the best looking string you'll ever put on your guitar.
By David Lee
January 22, 2010
Great tone...for a minute
I play a jumbo maple Taylor, which is a bright, loud guitar. I have tried every brand of new strings I can find in effort to moderate the tone a little. Red Brand strings BY FAR sound better than any I've tried -- warm, even, solid. I actually gave away several sets of Elixirs because I thought I was done with them forever... Unfortunately, the Red strings have no durability. I am a moderate strummer w/ a .88 NYLON pick - so I'm not hard on strings. But after maybe 4 hours of playing, they have lost everything that made them sound so great. I am really disappointed that they don't hold up better, because they really do sound great out of the box!

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