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Martin Tony Rice Signature Monel Acoustic Guitar Strings

Item# MAR_MTR13
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Item Description

Bring out your guitar's true voice.

Martin’s proprietary Nickel/Copper alloy blend wrap wire provides for a reduced pick attack and allows the guitar’s tone woods to be heard, not overshadowed. It offers a uniquely mellow, yet crisp, sound. Martin’s wrap is a solid Nickel/Copper blend, not nickel plated, meaning there is no chance for defects to allow for corrosion. Martin's proprietary wrap is naturally strong and corrosion resistant, so much so that it has been used in the propeller of Dreadnaught battleships and various machinery and tooling applications.

Tony Rice Bluegrass - Martin Monel Strings

Legendary Bluegrass artist, Tony Rice, played Martin Monel strings loyally on Clarence White's 1935 D28 until they became unavailable in the 1970's and he has been missing them ever since. The talented sound engineers at Martin Guitar worked hand-in-hand with Tony to bring back to life his favorite sound - Martin Monels. When the new formula was perfected, and Tony put them on his guitar, he said "Welcome back, old friend." Tony's favorite thing about Martin Monels is that they don't change the timbre of the guitar. The compound, nickel-based alloy mellows very quickly to allow the natural, woody sounds of the guitar to pour from the sound hole, unaltered, from the very first strum.

Gauges: 13 16 26 34 44 56



20 Reviews
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By T.R.
Wade, North Carolina
December 28, 2017
Great all around sound
Love these strings on my Martin HD-28V. I used to play the Martin Bluegrass strings, but decided to try the strings that Tony Rice endorsed. I was not disappointed. Whether playing hard driving bluegrass or softer folk tunes, these produce the desired result. 13-56 strings are definately harder on the ol' fingers, but worth it.
ProsSound quality Holds tuning
ConsHarder on the fingers Harder to bend/manipulate
By Joe
Melbourne Beach, FL
July 14, 2017
Great Tone
i was looking for a string to help tame some of brightness of my Sitka and Mahagony guitar and these certainly did the trick. Much less strident high end while still having nice overtones. I'm going to try some other nickel based strings but may end up back with these
Prosbalanced tone piano like overtones fairly easy on the fingers
Consnone so far
By Don Denison
Sierra Neada Mountains, California
February 17, 2017
Excellent Strings
I just happened on your site, wish I had found it 2 weeks ago, the price for these strings is $2.00 less per set than your competitor. I like these strings, they are warm full bodied and don't have that edge that makes my guitar sound loud and harsh. Martin has done a great job in developing and producing these strings, they are sweet, warm, and powerful without being harsh and edgy, they also have a unique feel that I like, it is hard to describe but the strings feel smoother to me, almost slick and oily though they are not lubricated. I have had them on my daily player for two weeks, and if anything they improved after about a day or two, they are still going strong and haven't turned dead or dull yet. Great Strings!
ProsSweet, warm, powerful without being edgy, slick to play, very smooth to fret, and bend, responsive to different pick techniques
ConsA bit pricey, but considering that they last at least twice as long they are not too expensive, one just needs to lose the habit of weekly string changes.
By Aleksandar
Belgrade, Serbia
November 25, 2016
Great for slide guitar and open tunings
I've played two sets of these for almost three months. They provide nice, natural and clean tone and stay fresh for a prolonged period of time. Martin Retro strings stay in tune very well - I've frequently switched between Eb, Open G and Open D tuning but the strings never failed to stay in tune. Also great for fingerstyle blues, natural feel and great dynamic response.
ProsGreat tone, feel and dynamics. Stay in tune very, very well. Long lasting "fresh" sound. Great for slide guitar and open tunings.
By John
Upperco, MD
October 8, 2016
They are the only strings I have tried that truly sound unique. EJs, Lifespans, Elixer are all GREAT strings but they all put their color to the sound. Monels sound neutral, for lack of a better term. Because of this characteristic, I am having fun with them, hearing different ways of playing etc.
String definition is more clear.
Volume is down a bit from the EJs, but the best way to get heard is to play something incredible;the banjo and fiddle player will stop to listen!
Big recording project coming in two weeks. I think the Monels are going to shine.
ProsNote separation. Neutral tone character.
ConsCan't him them real hard. If your going to a big jam put on EJ17 or 80/20 for real cut.
By Jim McArthur
Vancouver Canada
March 5, 2016
TR Monel Strings
These are great strings but perform best on a Dreadnought.
I've used these strings since the were first available and went back to Ph Bronze to compare but quickly came back to them.
ProsGreat tone and feel. Long lasting.
Consmay not be suitable for smaller bodied guitars
By Dave
Toronto, Ontario
November 9, 2015
Give Them Time!!!!!
The first time I bought these for my Seagull Maritime SWS guitar I hated them. They felt too loose, and the sound was too foreign to me. I removed them almost immediately. I'm not sure why, but I decided to give them another chance recently. I resolved to keep an open mind, and to let them stay on the instrument for at least a week. Now I'm happy to report that these are by far my favorite strings. The depth of sound they coax from my guitar is nothing short of beautiful. Some have described the sound as being "woody", and I think that is the best description. I love that dry, deep, woody tone. And they age better than Lifespans, and the D'addario coated strings. Give them a try, and more importantly, give them time.
ProsGreat tone, easy to play, long life
By kirk
Champaign, IL
August 19, 2015
Great sounding strings
Have been using these on a Martin HD28, and it gives it a great vintage tone. Would recommend you try a set if you have a dreadnought or any guitar that needs a good medium gauge string.
ProsGreat tone, last nearly as long as coated strings.
By Jill
Park Hall, MD
October 6, 2014
Husband's Favorites
These are my husband's favorite strings for his HD-35. He is the lead guitarist of two bluegrass bands and swears by these strings!
By David
June 27, 2014
Sound is superb!
I haven't tried these strings myself personally I have a set shipped out to me to try today! but I saw and heard them on a friends Taylor and they sounded awesome I had to try them on my guitar to see if they out shine my usual Elixir's
ConsI haven't personally tried them yet to fill out the cons if they even have any
By Andy Fay
Wichita, KS
June 12, 2014
The Worst Strings I've Ever Used
I don't normally write reviews, but I heard all of the praise for these strings so I bought three sets (my first mistake). They sound just ok on my Guild, but I put a set on my Martin D-18 custom with adi top and they sound awful. So much so that I immediately ordered a new set of SP mediums and intend on taking the monels off asap. They sound dead and buzzy. Just totally lifeless. I didn't realize such an amazing Martin could sound this bad. They feel weird too. Kind of like sticky, unfinished nickel electric bass strings. I've played them several times too and they aren't "warming" into anything other than more bland awfulness. Save your money.
ProsAbsolutely nothing.
ConsLifeless, dead tone. Feeling on fingers Weird buzziness
By Garry
Ontario, Canada
May 27, 2014
Martin Tony Rice Signature Monel Acoustic Guitar Strings
I thought Elixir Nanoweb strings were the best on my Blueridge BR-160. Two weeks ago I put on a set of Tony Rice Monels on and I think they sound better every day. Big savings on the price as well !!
ProsThe sound I'm looking for and the volume.
ConsNothing yet.
By Travis Hiebert
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
April 18, 2014
Amazing strings!
I put these on after coming from the Martin SP .012-.054 strings, and immediately noticed a massive sound difference. I thought that my D-18 sounded fantastic before, but my goodness! They're amazing, the pure volume, the clean tones, the attack from the mids, these strings did nothing but impress! The only thing that I wasn't crazy about was the noticeable difference in playability coming from the lights to the mediums, but, after trying a set of the Retro .012-.054's I'm pretty sure that I'll just get used to playing on the Tony Rice strings.
ProsIncredible tones Pure sound Strong mid presence Fantastic bottom end.
By Jordan Cherkinsky
Coral Springs FL
April 9, 2014
HD28-LSV - Based on Clarence White's 1935 D-28
These strings are essentially built for my instrument, and others that are similar. They are easier to play, since nickel has some interesting lubricant properties. They FEEL more flexible than "normal" strings...A very important quality is their longevity...I've had them on my guitar for about a month, with no signs of corrosion, even with being played outdoors for long!!! Overall the best strings I've ever strung my guitar with!!!
ProsTheir feel and performance.
By Jake
Edwardsville, IL
March 8, 2014
New favorite strings
Read a handful of articles about these new Martin strings and decided to try them out. They are beautiful sounding strings. Put them on my guitar played 3 chords and ordered another half dozen sets! Besides, how can you not trust a product the great Tony Rice endorsed!!
By John
Louisville, KY
November 29, 2013
Nice tone, but...
I think these sounds great on my D18, but the gauges are a little funny if you're used to a regular medium set. These use a .016 for the B string instead of a .017, which feels pretty strange to me. They do sound pretty dang good, though.
ProsGreat Tone
ConsFunny gauges
By Wayne
Columbus, MS
September 2, 2013
After trying many strings from several mfg. on my Seagull dread. I have decided that these will be my go to strings from now on.
Now waiting on them in a light to try on my Martin OM.
By Gene Antwine
Jacksonville, NC
July 8, 2013
Tony Rice Signature Strings from Martin
Ordered as couple of sets and man I am like Tony Rice when he said Welcome back old friend. They made my HD-28 come alive like it was new all over again..
By Jim McArthur
Aldergrove, BC Canada
June 21, 2013
Tony Rice Monel Strings
Awesome strings with nothing like them on the market. They out last any other strings I've used. Improved the tone of my 1955 D-28 without a doubt.
ProsTone, sustain, feel and long lasting. No degrading of tone after several weeks of playing. Best ever.
By Jim
Mesa, AZ
June 2, 2013
I have a '96 Martin Custom D-18V with adi top. I have never been truly pleased with any strings on it. I have tried Martin SP's, GHS, D'addario, etc. I just put on a set of Martin Tony Rice monels! It is loud! It has the mellow, warm sound of a vintage Martin that cannot be described, but is heard instantly. Since this is my first set of these, so it remains still, how long they will last. For the price and THE SOUND, I really don't care.
ConsI will let you know.

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