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Martin SP Lifespan Phosphor Bronze Treated Acoustic Guitar Strings

Buy Discount Martin SP Lifespan Phosphor Bronze Treated Acoustic Guitar Strings On Sale Online and Save
Martin SP Lifespan Phosphor Bronze Treated Acoustic Guitar Strings
Martin SP Lifespan Phosphor Bronze Treated Acoustic Guitar Strings
Martin SP Lifespan Phosphor Bronze Treated Acoustic Guitar Strings
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Item Description

Rich tone should last as long as the inspiration does. 

Martin SP Lifespan strings are the next level in studio performance. Treated for long life, they repel dirt, grit and other environmental elements that can quickly alter the sound of your strings. The treatment is so incredibly thin, you won't even know it's there. SP Lifespans are designed to last longer and sound better so you can play on! 

MSP7000 Extra Light 10-14-23-30-39-47
MSP7050 Custom Light 11-15-23-32-42-52
MSP7100 Light 12-16-25-32-42-54
MSP7200 Medium 13-17-26-35-45-56
MSP7700 Baritone 14-20-30-42-54-70 - +$3.00
MSP7600 12-String Extra Light 10-14-23-30-39-47-10-14-10-12-18-27 - +$4.00
MSP7750 12-String Baritone 12-13-18w-18w-26-11-34-16-47-23w-70-34 - +$7.00 "Pete Seeger Custom 12"

Martin & Co. designs and manufactures the strings themselves. Like their guitars, each string is made with patience, care, and precision with only the highest quality materials producing strings with exacting tone and superior performance. Not only are their packaging materials minimized and 100% recyclable, but the envelopes reduce the tarnishing effect on the strings.

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23 Reviews
65% (15)
22% (5)
9% (2)
4% (1)
0% (0)
74% Recommend this product (17 of 23 responses)
By Dominic
St-Charles-Borromee, QC
June 14, 2018
Great strings, best on Martins
I really like those strings on my martin DCPA4 shaded.
I also have a takamine ef341sc but I didn't like them much on this guitar!
But for martin guitars this is the best choice!
By Scott
Rowlett, TX
May 29, 2018
Exceptional Strings
These (or even the non-treated SP strings) are my go-to strings for most of my acoustic guitars. They are never brittle sounding and they provide the perfect balance of warmth and brightness that really lets the true sound of the guitar sing. Some have complained about string squeak, but they don't squeak any more than any other non-coated string; I personally, have never liked coated strings, neither for tone or feel. I have one acoustic that is kinda dark naturally (HD-28), so I use a brighter string on that one, but the rest that have an already great balance (D-28, Collings CW, D-18), these are the perfect fit.
ProsSuperior tone, Long lasting
By Zvocks
April 5, 2018
Best acc strings so far?
It would be nice if someone made better strings than these guys in Martin. They would then make new ones that are even better, if even possible. Until that moment, for me these are the best long-running and richest strings in any sense.
ProsPlay and play and play and... play some more
May 13, 2017
Martin guitar go-to strings
These are my Martin guitar go-to strings. They are fail-safe and reliable. Excellent for spruce/rosewood dreadnought. I've used them for years.
By Trent
La Crete, AB
January 27, 2017
Best strings yet! (Martin D-18)
These are the best strings yet that I've tried for my Martin D-18. The tone is quite nice, lows are deep and highs ring nicely, not too shrill. And the life is long. I can wear out coated strings in a week fairly easily, but these lasted me a few band practices and a show over 3 weeks!
ProsTone and life
ConsPackage pricing would be nice. Sets of 12 maybe
By Mike
Chicago, IL
October 1, 2016
My new favorite for my Martins
I've tried a bunch of different strings. My latest were Elixers HD phosphor bronze. Tried these after I listened to a comparison to Elixers. Just a lot more dynamic range and clarity for the Martins. Note these are not coated strings, they are treated. Yes they have more squeak to them than coated strings like Elixers, but I really like the tone. Not sure about how long they last, but so far they seem like they are fairly long lasting.
ProsGreat tone, seem to be long lasting
ConsA bit pricey
By Brad
Ashland, Kentucky
March 13, 2016
great quality
I'll be the first to admit I'm sometimes biased toward Martin products as I grew up around Martin acoustics. But I own other brands as well, but when it comes to my Martin guitars.. there's nothing better than Martin strings. I haven't played a bad Martin string and I was a bit skeptical with this last pack of Lifespans given the fact Martin adopted their own in house treatment instead of the proven and wonderful Cleartone method. I tried them anyway and there is no sacrifice in tone or quality. Just as great as the Cleartone lifespans if not richer in sound. We can argue the decision to move away from Cleartone and go in house for the next 5 years, but it's simple really.. Martin wanted to lace every single new Martin with SP lifespans straight from the factory and the way to accomplish that was to develop their own treatment method.
ProsSame great SP Lifespan tone we have come to know from the Cleartone treatment days. Exceptional longevity and playability. Typical American Martin quality. Sounds as good as any acoustic string available anywhere in the world.
ConsI thought leaving Cleartone treatment to replace it with their own was a mistake, but I can tell no major differences or lack of quality with these gems. No cons..
February 7, 2016
Not good
These strings dot sound good. They squeak just like uncoated strings. They don't ring out together well...not balanced sounding? Went to Elixirs.....never looking back.
By Ryan
September 8, 2015
Great Strings that last
I use these strings on my Martin CEO-7 and my low end travel guitar. They are great and don't have to sacrifice tone like coated strings do for extended play time. the "treated" Lifespan SP strings are the way to go when you decide like me that the "coated" strings aren't cutting it
ProsLifespan is longer Tone is crystal clear unlike coated strings great value
By Tim S.
Canton, OH
August 12, 2015
Pretty Good Unless You Play Open Chords
I bought a pack of these to put on my Martin which normally has Elixirs on it. The tone was great and there is so much more warmth that with the Elixirs. However, the reason I'm taking them off is because of the string squeak. I play a lot of songs with open chords and the squeak was terrible. So it's back to the Elixirs for me. If that is not an issue for you, these strings sound beautiful. I cannot comment on the durability claims because I took them off after 2 weeks of playing.
ProsWarm tone
ConsString squeak
August 5, 2015
I have a Martin GPCPA4R and after trying many different brands, some of them at over twice the price, I like the Martin Lifespan 7100 strings the best. They provide a warm tone on the bottom end while maintaining a crisp/bright sound on the higher strings. They feel very smooth when sliding up an down the neck. These strings keep their original tone three times longer than any other strings I've tried. These are great strings at a reasonable price.
ProsGreat tone and last longer than any other strings I've tried.
ConsI have no complaints.
By Nicola
Policoro, Matera
May 29, 2015
All that glitters is not gold
I've been really motivated to buy these strings because I had read some good reviews about them. Well, I was first of all amazed by their gold colour and they good balanced sound but... after a few days it was like they was losing all their features, and they were "turning off". Anyway they are in overall a good strings suitable for a guitarist that play every day and needs to change frequently his strings.
By Ed
Youngstown, OH
May 23, 2015
Best Acoustic Strings I've Played!
These are outstanding strings in every way. I use these as my main strings (gauge 12 on some guitars, and gauge 11 on others). Wonderful balance, tension, feel, tone, and longevity. Highly recommended for all types of acoustic guitars and playing styles.
Pros* Wonderful balance * Great feel and tension * Outstanding tone * Exceptionally long life * Does not require a "break in period" like so many phosphor bronze strings.
Cons* Comes in only three string envelopes. (Note: apparently Martin has changed this with the newer packaging. Bravo! The two string per package thing has driven me crazy for years!)
By Matt
Morgantown, WV
June 29, 2014
Finally a Perfect Balance of Tone
I've been experimenting with different strings on my Martin for a couple months. I love the feel and projection of Elixirs, but find them too bright on my Martin. Especially when plugged in, it completely changes the warm, Martin tone into a wanna be Taylor tone. I loved the warmth of D'addario EXP's, but found the tone to die off very quickly and become too muddy. These Lifespans are the perfect blend of both. They feel great and are smooth on your fingers and have a very warm tone, but also have a nice brightness that itsn't overpowering. These strings give my Martin a growling bass with crisp highs. Awesome tone. After a couple weeks of continuous play they still have their new string tone and you can't see any dirt or grime build up. It's easy to say that I have found my strings and will no longer try anything different.
Pros-Fair price -Balanced tone -Ease of play -Retains new string tone over time
Cons-Packaging of the strings
By Jorge
Yuma, AZ
June 28, 2014
solid strings
For most folks who play phosphor bronze strings, you'll likely land in either this camp, or the Elixir one. The tone and feel of these is much more like what you'd expect from a standard, non-coated string, but with that Martin flavor. That said, I'm more of an 80/20 guy, and the Martin Lifespan 80/20s are my current favorites for their deeper, woodier tone. For phosphor bronze, I still prefer the sound of Elixirs because they squeak significantly less, and they do last a long time, but many won't like that slippery feel, and for those folks, these Martins would be a great choice! Also, it's worth noting that I also prefer the 54 low e Martin uses vs the 53 Elixir uses.
By Espen
Asker , Norway
April 23, 2014
Good sound
these strings are the best sounding acoustic strings i have tried. I makes my guitar sound much better and they keep the good sound for quite a while. They are also durable.
ProsReally good sound Durable
By Bernie
Farmington, NY
April 6, 2014
Medium strings
I have been using these strings since 2011 when visiting the Martin factory These strings were put on my guitar during a string change. I have used these strings exclusively since. I had used some other brands of strings looking for the tone I wanted from my guitar. I have been pleased to no end with these strings.
ProsLast a long time I love the tone
By David J.
Grand Prairie, Texas
February 28, 2014
Excellent strings
I use these strings on my 1979 Yamaha FG-365S acoustic guitar. Excellant tone and lots of sustain. They are the best strings I have found for this guitar.
ProsTone and Sustain.
By Ralph
Woodbridge, ON
January 21, 2014
Best sounding strings
Martin Lifespand are my favorite strings for my Marting guitar. Tone stays fresh longer than any others stings I have used. Highly Recommended !!!
ProsTone quality Long lasting Good price point
By Joshua Schuetz
December 28, 2011
SP Lifespan Phosphor Bronze Coated Strings
I've purchased five sets of these now for my Martin SWD and I can not recommend these. Initially they are a bit 'brighter' than the SP Marquis Phosphor Bronze that I have been using, but the Lifespan's bass strings do not have the warmth and resonance of the SP Marquis. And the brightness and force of the Lifespans fade quickly as does the string luster. I actually feel that the old SP+ held up longer than the Lifespans, but overall, coated strings do not give you the balance and warmth that the Martin Guitars are noted for. I've tried even major string maker over the past 40 years of playing and the Martin SP's are the best buy for the money; the SP Marquis are my favorite and beat all the rest for the money; you can get three sets for the price of a coated string and they mellow out with nicely as they age. Stay with the SP Marquis and skip the coated strings.

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