How to Change Guitar Strings

Click here to see a video showing you how to change guitar strings

Follow the instructions below to change the strings on an acoustic guitar:
The instructions below describe changing one string at a time which is important to maintain the overall tension in your guitar.

1.  Start with the low E string and begin reducing the tension in the string by turning the tuning knob.
2.  Remove the guitar string from the tuning knob post and then remove the bridge pin with a guitar tool or non-abrasive set of pliers and pull the string from the bridge pin hole.
3.  Insert the new string in the open bridge pin hole and insert the bridge pin pressing it in firmly. 
4.  Hold the bridge pin in place with your thumb and pull the string until the string ball end comes into contact with the bridge pin.
5.  Pull the string to the tuning knob post and insert the string into the post.
6.  Begin turning the tuning knob so that the post rotates in a counterclockwise direction when looking at the post from above.  Be sure the string winds "down" the post.  (The post should rotate in a clockwise direction for the  G, B and High E strings)
7.  It is recommended to use a quality guitar tuner when you are tuning your strings for the first time to make sure you do not tune the strings too tight. 
8.  Turn the tuning knob and increase the tension in the string slowly and carefully to reduce the risk of breaking the string.