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Dunlop Robert Trujillo Signature Icon Series Electric Bass Strings, 45-102

Item# DUN_RTT45102T
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Item Description

Dunlop Stainless Steel Robert Trujillo Icon Series Bass Guitar Strings - 45-102

The Robert Trujillo Icon Series bass strings were developed with Robert to offer a clear and articulate top end, solid mid range punch, and more than enough focused bottom to knock you on your ass!

Stainless Steel Taper Core Bass Strings

Custom Medium 45-63-80-102


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By elchadino
January 2, 2012
Robert Trujillo Icon Series Bass Strings
These strings make my pbass sound so smooth when I lower the tone knob, and super punchy when I crank it. Perfect because I play classic rock and metal. It seems Dunlop has covered it all with these. Also, they have great sustain. As soon I switched to these strings, my band mates noticed the difference and loved the sound as much as I do. Cheers
By larichards
May 29, 2011
Dunlop Trujillo
Take a set of Rotosound RSD99-LG PSD and a set of DR Lowriders (same gauge) and leave them alone in a room with some soft lights, enchanting music and a can of Finger Ease and "Viola!" you have The Trujillo.

I've played and loved both brands for many years and they're definitely standards of the industry. However there are trade-offs for both.

The Roto's Piano String Design has a rich, metallic, resonant presence and string flexibility that allows for very articulate note voicing but has a very limited lifespan with its core wire exposed to the bridge. They also have a rough string-wind finish.

The Lowriders have that deep, percussive density of tone, hex core flexibility, a longer life span and smooth finish but not a lot of brightness or nuance on-demand. (The HiBeams are a different story altogether.)

The Trujillo seems to bridge the best of both with excellent articulation and deep thunder. The tapered core design and unique string gauging seem to hit the mark on 2 as well as 10! I get pretty much the tone I want when I want it and that makes my basses and rig that much more versatile and valuable. (You guessed it; I’m a weekend warrior playing whatever comes along). The strings respond to my plucking/picking hand easily from booming neck thumping to piezo bridge twang and the winding finish doesn’t threaten to tear my calluses off when I get happy and start with the eleven fret double-stop “zoopsâ€.

I never wrote a review before but it’s rare when someone comes along with a pretty revolutionary twist on an old theme and makes things just a bit better; (I don’t know, I just like them).

Bravo to Trujillo and Dunlop!

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