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Dean Markley Alchemy Gold Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings

Item# DM_202X
Buy Discount Dean Markley Alchemy Gold Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings On Sale Online and Save
$7.99List Price $8.99

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Item Description

The secret of the Dean Markley Alchemy strings is in the electroplating. They begin with pre-tuned mandolin wire cores. The electroplating, which originated in the aerospace industry, uses MC394K Bright-Coat, which is a specially-derived compound material. This is applied to the core wires and the wrapping. The effect is minimized corrosion and a longer tonal life, with the same natural feel of uncoated strings.

Unlike a polymer coating, which will protect the string but may keep it from vibrating and resonating freely, electroplating enhances the string's vibration rather than deadening it. The strings are made from copper and zinc. The addition of zinc makes the strings less prone to corrosion. This is then combined with the electroplating, which will not wear off or break down but will actually become harder with time. These gold bronze Alchemy strings for acoustic guitars will give your sound a deep, balanced tone with rich harmonics, increased sustains and extra crisp high notes with great fullness and warmth.


Light - 11-15-24-32-42-52

Custom Light - 12-16-25-32-42-54

Medium - 13-17-26-36-46-56

Product Video

Don Alder talks about Dean Markley Alchemy Gold Acoustic Guitar Strings.


7 Reviews
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29% Recommend this product (2 of 7 responses)
By rc
November 2, 2012
Strings and Beyond has THE BEST PRICE!
I'm 60 and and have played acoustics for 40 of those years. I know guitars and strings, and I HATE having strings that dead end early. Don't get me wrong I don't mind changing them, but I want them to perform out of the shoot to the end. These strings are amazing! They have a character unlike any other - they dance, twang, and snap, and yes that takes contol, which I have (modestly), therefore, these strings as it were, are like a fine guitar wood, they almost get better as you use them. Their life? I play 4 hours daily/nightly 45 days a month and these strings sound fantastic, acoustically, acoustic electric, and if you control them when recording you will not believe the end result. To conclude don't buy these! I understand they are discontinued, and I only bought 20 sets from Strings and Beyond and I be at a loss when they are no more. I wrote to DM and told them the same! I you have mastered you technique these will AMAZE!
By Matt
October 11, 2012
Just another coated string
Put these on one string at a time, and directly compared them with a relatively new set of regular dean markley strings. I have the same issue with these strings as I do with other coated strings I've tried. They sound duller/warmer in comparison to other strings, and they feel a little odd on the fingers. That said, they do feel more slippery than regular strings, and are quite smooth for legato playing as a result.
They are a good buy as a coated string for the sale price of 5.99, but if you want a string that doesn't sound a little lifeless then look elsewhere
Prosgood price (on sale) for a coated string
Consa little dull sounding
By Jim
Lansing, Michigan
October 8, 2012
Campfire Guitar Transformed
I have three guitars: Martin GPAMahog, Martin 000-Custom Shop and my beloved Japanese Crestline dreadnaught that I've owned and played since the early 70's. The Crestline has been used and abused, left in the trunk on cold nights, baked in the hot sun, smoked by many a campfire and the frets are worn to nubs. This guitar is beat up and worn and has been with me through good times and bad, always there for me, like a best friend. The guitar is nothing special, plastic nut and saddle, laminated rosewood back and sides and solid spruce top, but it always played and sounded pretty fine. I had these Alchemy's laying around to put on one of my expensive Martin's and instead threw them on the Crestline one day. The transformation was magic. I am stunned at what these did for my old acoustic beater, which didn't sound "bad" with regular strings. The tone across the spectrum is just jaw dropping. So much so, that I took the old Crestline in to have a refret and a new bone saddle and nut installed. The Alchemy's will be the ONLY strings I use on all my guitars now. I don't know how they came up with these, but they are the finest acoustic guitar strings I've ever played or heard.
By Barry Cullison
May 23, 2012
Alchemy strings
These are the best strings ever. They are alive and full of snarl and energy. Lots of players need their strings to go dead so they can control them. If that's you stay away from these strings. These strings jingle, jangle, ring and rumble like a wild beast. They make heads turn and ask, "How you getting' that sound?" You can't be a wussy and play these strings. They will add another dimension of individuality to your sound. Don't be afraid of standing outside of the crowd. These freakin' strings rock... HARD! I tried the Helix and they are just ok. The Alchemy are special and that's how I feel when I play them. They will inspire you to new heights and then when you put different strings on you axe, I guarantee you, you'll miss 'em.
By Lon Lindo
October 24, 2011
Dean Markley Alchemy Gold Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings
Bright and fairly loud, but extremely noisy when you slide up and down the neck.
By Chip
August 12, 2010
Didn't like these as much as other strings
I used these for the first time on my Gibson LG-1 and I didn't like the tone or feel as much as other strings I've used. They had good volume but I found the tone muddy. I also thought they were more difficult to tune and keep in tune than other strings I've used which were all Martin brand.
By Ketil Parow
January 23, 2010
Fantastic strings at a reasonable price!
I use these strings on a MARTIN HD-28, in custom-light gauge.
These strings have a clear, bright sound and produce a nicely balanced projection.
They are smooth to the touch and produce very little fret / handling noise. I actually enjoy the feeling of playing these as much as the great sound they give. They're so smooth they remind me of gore-coated strings, just better sounding.
I have experimented with lots of different strings on this guitar, and although some other HQ strings play louder on my guitar, the Alchemys won't be beaten for feeling, balance and longevity. With a lot of other makes I would have to change strings before each gig, both to assure them not breaking and for the sound. The Alchemys actually last for 3-4 gigs with only a slight reduction of tone, which I consider outstanding for non-coated strings.
And - with the golden sheen they look amazing on the guitar!.
I would consider them worth the money even at the regular price. At the S and B sale price, they are a bargain! Honestly! They are!

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