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Cesar Diaz Texas Square Face Fuzz Pedal

Item# FEN_868512003
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Item Description

Cesar Diaz Texas Square Face Fuzz Pedal from Strings and Beyond has morphed over the years from when it was first introduced. Originally built as a replacement pedal for Stevie Ray Vaughan’s short-lived fuzz faces, its technology advanced so that now it is a go-to fuzz pedal for any player. The unit is now powder coated instead of painted which makes it both stronger and better-looking. The inside is also coated so that it will not corrode over time. The square face is similar to the Dallas Arbiter Fuzzface with its Fuzz and Volume knobs, but this time it comes in a small MXR distortion plus box. It is also PNP, not NPN, and comes with two germaniums, transistor sockets, and two silicon’s for more gain. For more tone variety, they can be combined.

All musical products from Diaz are tested, wired and hand-constructed individually. Please note that the product’s color may vary from what is pictured above. For specific information on colors and other Fender products, please contact Strings and Beyond Customer Service.


Cesar Diaz Texas Square Face Fuzz Pedal

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