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Aquila 127C Seta Normal Tension Classical Guitar Strings *Specialty Set*

Item# AQU_127C
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Item Description


Guitar set available in one degree of tension.

The first three treble strings are made of a modified Supernylgut®, designed to bring out better the already known features of singability, expressiveness and promptness typical of this material.
Bass strings are in silver-plated copper wound on genuine silk. The use of the genuine silk allows to reach a mellow timbre and a particular sensitivity to vibrato, that is unknown to conventional multifilament made of plastic material. This fits quite well with the acoustic characteristics of the Trebles.
Seta set is here proposed as a modern novelty, not as a rediscovery of the sound of the past


Use this set with at the standard pitch of 435 Hz.

It is also recommended, when you are not playing, to tune the wound basses a semitone down just to ensure the maximum lifetime.

Please note: the basses of this set are in real silk floss, which, being naturally produced by an insect, cannot be steadily regular in their gauge. As a consequence, it may happen that the bass strings at 12th fret may be flat or sharp to a certain extent. The limit accepted by us is of 8 cents more or less. Beyond this value, the string is considered non-compliant and it will be replaced.

Besides, we would like to remind that the degree of compensation introduced by the inclination of the bone of the bridge – which is calibrated to the modern strings with a core of Nylon- may not apply to strings with a core of natural silk.


Aquila 127C Seta Normal Tension Classical Guitar Strings *Specialty Set*

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