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Coated vs. Non-Coated Strings

Many manufacturers now coat guitar strings in order to preserve tone and the life of the string. The coating helps the string resist tone deadening corrosion as a result from sweat and playing in a variety of conditions.

Most manufacturer's use a coating process which provides the feel of traditional strings, rather than a coating that smooths over the ribbed texture of the round wound non-coated string. Elixir however, supplies both with the Nanoweb Coating for traditional feel and Polyweb Coating for a smoother feel.

Either coating process looks to preserve the tone quality of the original non-coated string, sometimes extending the life of the string 3 to 4 times longer. Maintaining your strings by washing and drying your hands thoroughly before playing, then wiping your strings down with a soft dry cloth after playing will also help preserve them.

Below are some of our most popular Coated and Non-coated Guitar Strings!

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